Friday, January 16, 2015

Netbooks, a.k.a. "The Dark Ages Digital Device"

It's starts with 10 minutes, then 20 minutes and now you've been waiting for half an hour as you watch the loading signal spin in circles on the screen.

You're trying to log onto your student account.

By this time half the class is over and you've wasted all this time, when you could have been working on your project that is due...tomorrow! Is this really worth your time? 

Below are some opinions from some teachers and students in Blackville High School in response to the question: What is your opinion on the school netbooks? Should we be able to bring our own laptops/devices from home to do work on? Why?

Star Athletes of Blackville School for January

High School Boys: Dylan Storey
"Dylan is a very good athlete, a good team leader and is one of the strongest shooters on the team!" said coach Loretta Gorbett. Dylan is a key player on the High School Boys team. He is in the starting line up, and hardly ever comes off the floor, averaging around 20 points per game, and he is only in grade 11. Dylan was also the goalkeeper for the High School boys soccer team and enjoys playing road hockey outside of school.

Middle School Boys: Denver Donovan
"Denver is a very committed player, he hasn't missed a practice yet, which shows great dedication to his team," said coach Loretta Gorbett. Even though the Middle School boys have yet to play a game, it is very clear that Denver will be a crucial player throughout the course of the year. Denver also plays on the Middle School boys soccer team and volleyball team and plays hockey outside of school.

High School Girls: Abby Donovan

"Abby has great work ethic and an awesome attitude," said coach Matthew Sturgeon. And this attitude extends to off the court as well. Abby spends a fair amount of time on the court, despite only being in Grade 10. Abby looks forward to being a key figure in the basketball teams hierarchy for the remainder of her high school career. Abby also plays hockey and soccer.

Middle School Girls: Andrea Lynch
"She has noticeably improved since the beginning of the season and shows great sportsmanship during both games and practices. She is a great asset to this year's team! Keep up the great work Andrea!" said coaches Jessica Munn and Mandy Colford. Andrea also plays on the Middle School girls soccer team and volleyball team, and she also plays badminton outside of school.