Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Healthy Eating on a Budget for Grade 12 Students

Grade 12 student Shelby Furlong learns how to make a healthy
meal on a budget using a Crockpot
Grade 12 students were given the chance to learn how to make a full meal only using a Crockpot on May 17.

Students were excited to be able to cook meals such as beef and barley soup, ribs, sweet and sour chicken, rice and even a pot roast. Two students were even able to cook an apple crumble in the crock pot for dessert.

This will be incredibly useful for the graduates as they move away from home next year and learn how to live on their own.

In their busy schedules, it will be hard to find the time or money to cook supper on the stove every night. Instead, a crockpot will be a useful tool to cook budget friendly meals for them.

Friday, May 24, 2019

Blackville School Recognition Day 2019

Laura Colford (left) and Denver Donovan (right) were awarded
Athletes of the Year
Teachers, coaches, parents and members of the community gathered in the gym to celebrate the middle and high school students on May 23.

Blackville School's Annual Recognition Day serves to recognize students who go the extra mile in extracurriculars and academics through a presentation of many awards.

Denver Donovan (grade 12) and Laura Colford (grade 12) were awarded the Male and Female Athlete of the Year. Their names are now commemorated on the wall of Eagles in the gym.

Keaton Walls (left) and Maggie Jardine (right) were awarded
Outstanding Academic and Extra Curricular Activities
The middle school Male and Female Athlete of the Year were awarded to Brayden Duffy (grade 8) and Hailey Singer (grade 8).

Maggie Jardine (grade 12) and Keaton Walls (grade 10) were awarded the Outstanding Female and Male Academic and Extra Curricular Activities, respectively.

The middle school Student of the Year was awarded to Abigail McEvoy (grade 8) for her strong extra curricular and academic efforts.

Piper Duffy (grade 12) was awarded the Fenton Sturgeon Memorial Award. This is presented to a grade 12 student who has participated in sports through all four years of high school, with special consideration given to those who have volunteered their time to coach young athletes outside of school.

Thursday, May 23, 2019

Students Pitch Products to Local Entrepreneurs at Maker Faire

The Grand Opening of the Makerspace was a huge success for the ICE Centre's young entrepreneurs and teachers on May 22.

Students from all grade levels were able to take a tour of ICE Centre, testing out new technology and viewing many of the products made and sold by Makerspace students.

During this time, students participating in ICE Centre courses were given the chance to pitch their products to local entrepreneurs. Devon Underhill was recognized for his outstanding pitch for his company "D&M Designs" at Recognition Day. 

The public was invited to tour a student-run market filled with booths of clothing, buttons, 3D printed objects and even a self sufficient fish tank. 

The sales from the market totalled over $1700. Garett Donohue and Denver Donovan were recognized for making Top Sales for their clothing company "Devoh."

Calvin Keenan and Patrick Donovan were also awarded for their Top Display for their company "108 Wear."

Students from Mr. Hallihan's Entrepreneurship class were excited to talk about the event and many of the guests present.

"It was a lot of fun and we got to meet people from 99.3 the River, CBC News and entrepreneurs from NBCC," said Sarah Vanderbeck.

Kiefer Crawford also mentioned a particular guest that struck his interest.

"One of the guests told us we could be able to get our Drone License at NBCC in the future, or take the course online," Kiefer said.

To see more photos from the Maker Faire click here.

Photos and article by Maggie Jardine

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

High School Drama Club and Theatre Arts Class to Present Plays Tonight

Tori Sullivan, Hannah Jardine and Julie Jardine perform in
"Ducktails and Bobby Sox" at the New Brunswick Drama Festival
Students from the high school Drama Club and grade 12 Theatre Arts class will be presenting their plays May 21 at 6 pm.

The public is invited to come and enjoy a night of theatre for an admission of $5 at the door. Desserts will be provided.

The plays "Bedtime Stories" and "Ducktails and Bobby Sox" were well received by judges at the New Brunswick Drama Festival, winning several awards.

Photos by the New Brunswick Drama Festival
Article by Maggie Jardine

Maker Faire and ICE Centre Grand Opening Tomorrow

Students participating in BHS ICE courses will showcase their
creations in the Makerspace Grand Opening
The BHS ICE Centre will be hosting the grand opening of the Makerspace to the public with a Maker Faire and Market on May 22.

Invited guests and interested classes are welcome to tour the Makerspace during periods 1 and 3 to view and test its futuristic technology.

The cafeteria will transform into a Market from 1-3 pm with booths of imaginative creations from our young entrepreneurs. This will be open to the students as well as the public.

The Grand Opening will take place after school from 3-5 pm. The public is invited to come and view as well as purchase many of the creations students have worked on.

Tea, coffee and snacks will be provided by the grade 12 Culinary class for the event.

There will be several draws for prizes through the day for both the students and community thanks to the event sponsors.

Article by Maggie Jardine

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

High School Plays Recognized at Provincial Drama Festival

Theatre Arts students perform Ducktails and Bobby Sox at the
New Brunswick Drama Festival
Students from the High School Drama Club and grade 12 Theatre Arts class returned to the New Brunswick Drama Festival for another year on May 9.

Their plays "Bedtime Stories" and "Ducktails and Bobby Sox" were very well received by the judges, winning a combined total of 16 awards.

For the drama clubs play of "Bedtime Stories" the awards received were: Outstanding Student Director to Maggie Jardine and Chloe Donovan and Outstanding Supporting Actor to Logan Burke and Christopher Underhill. The play also received Special Adjudicator Mentions for their Animal Ensemble (K.C. Hallihan, Laura Colford, Courtney Donahue, Chloe Curtis and Kendra McEvoy) and for their group energy.

For the Theatre Arts play "Ducktails and Bobby Sox" the awards received were: Outstanding Production, Outstanding Teacher Director to Cheryl Underhill, Outstanding Actor to Cassidy Coughlan and Christopher Underhill, Outstanding Supporting Actor to Shelby Furlong, Jenna Coulter, Kel Vickers and Maggie Jardine, Outstanding Use of Set, Outstanding Musical Direction to Dom Hache and Outstanding Choice of Material.

The plays will be performed again at Blackville School on Tuesday May 21 at 6pm.

To find more photos from the students performance at Drama Festival click here and here.

Photos by the New Brunswick Drama Festival
Article by Maggie Jardine

Thursday, May 9, 2019

Culinary Students Take a Field Trip to Kelly's Special Care Home

Students in the Culinary and ICE Centre courses
visited Kelly's Special Care Home
Students in the grade 12 Culinary Class got to take a break from cooking meals for the student operated Culinary Cafe when they visited Kelly's Special Care Home on May 7.

Along with many smiling faces, they brought delicious sweets for the seniors to try while students from Mr. Hallihan's ICE Centre courses showed off their new, futuristic technology. This included a 3D printer, button making, robotics and the Oculus Rift.

For many in this group of 22 students, this was their second time visiting the residents as many had gone on a past visit to introduce the seniors to this exciting technology.

This project, known as #seniortech, is an effort the Blackville School ICE Centre became involved in through Brilliant Labs and iHub. The project gives senior citizens the opportunities to interact with new technology and younger people.

To view more pictures from their visit click here.

Photos by Logan Burke
Article by Maggie Jardine