Thursday, January 7, 2016

People's Picks (Jan.4-8)

Student of the week is the one and only Ashlyn Moody! Ashlyn helps out with many events and activities at Blackville School. You can always find her in the student council room with her bright happy always smiling personality. She is an outstanding student in academics. For Christmas all she wanted was peace, love and happiness. Her resolution for the new year is to live a more stress free life. Her favourite part of Christmas vacation was all the relaxing. For the new year she is looking forward to graduation. Her best memory from 2015 was going to China.
Ms. Trevors is yet another wonderful teacher here at Blackville School. She is a hard working high school and elementary teacher. For Christmas, Santa brought Ms. Trevors lots of clothes and great memories with family and friends. Her resolution for the new year is to be more active. Her favourite part of the Christmas vacation was relaxing with her family and friends. She also said her favorite memory from 2015 was when her niece graduated from high school; she is very proud of her.

Staff member of the week is Sonya Jardine. She is a very nice lady who is always friendly to everybody at Blackville School. She is a hard working educational assistant. For Christmas, Santa gave Sonya a new fire place. Her resolution for the new year is to eat healthier. Her favourite part of Christmas break was relaxing. Sonya is looking forward to spring and her favourite memory from 2015 was vacationing with her kids.

Compiled by Amelia Underhill, Philip Underhill and Jacob Donahue

School's In Podcast for January 8

Hosts Dylan Keenan and Brooke Underhill shares news from Blackville School for the week of January 9, 2015. The "School's In" podcast can be heard on Life Radio on Friday evenings.