Friday, October 19, 2018

Viewpoint: Weird Food Experiences

Chloe Furlong is this Week's Bucket Filler

Chloe Furlong is the bucket filler for this week. She was chosen because of her kindness to other students, and always having a positive attitude and the selflessness she displays towards others.

Chloe Furlong is in Mrs. Duffy's Grade 4 class.

Eagle's Scream for October 19

Hosts Christopher Underhill and Kel Vickers share news and sports updates from Blackville School. Heard each Friday on Life Radio.

Reflection on Student Leadership Conference

  Cassidy Coughlan (Spirit Leader), Chloe Donovan (President)
and Emma Sturgeon (Secretary) in Jasper, Alberta on the crest of
the Whistler Mountains after riding 2270 meters up on the Skytram.
The three students attended the Canadian Leadership Conference
in Edmonton, Alberta in September. 
I've had the fortunate honour of getting the chance to attend the Canadian Student Leadership Conference in Edmonton, Alberta this September, and let me tell you it was truly an eye opening and life changing experience.

I met so many new people and I saw some of the most miraculous sights I have ever seen, such as the rocky mountains 2270 meters in the air and also the township of Jasper, one of the most comforting and welcoming places I have been. 

These are only two of the amazing things I got the chance to see in Alberta, but there were so many more that I hope you get to see yourself because only seeing the sight for yourself would do the justice.

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Senior Boys Soccer Action

Yesterday sports action saw the senior boys soccer team destroy CNBA 6-0. The boys came out to play in their last regular season home game. 

Scoring for the boys were, Garett Donohue with 3, Peyton Gillespie with 2, and Devon Underhill with 1. Way to go, boys!

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

An Interview with Dancers Abby and Anna

Losses and Wins in Recent Soccer Action

Last night saw the girls fought a hard 90 minutes but sadly fell to NSER losing 2-1. Scoring for the girls was Laura Colford on an amazing penalty kick!

Also in the news last night the middle school boys beat Dr. Losier 5-0. Scoring for the boys were, Austin McCormack with 2, Roman Stewart, Jackson Jardine, and Brayden Duffy all with 1 each.

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Creating Ripple Effects at Blackville School

Environmental Science Students
Patrick Donovan and Cody Maillet
Many students are likely familiar with the excessively large water bottles that used to stand in our hallways. These were used to collect bottles and other recyclable deposits. This is similar to the project the students in Mr. Hallihan’s Environmental Science class is undertaking.

Students must collect a certain sum of "eco-points" in the class. These are awarded for contributing something meaningful to the environment. To collect their class points, some students have decided to help clean up the community of Blackville.

This is meaningful for many reasons, as it is not only a way to ensure lots of "eco-points," but also improve the appearance of our community and clean up the environment. The money earned from the bottles and cans found in the ditches will also contribute to other Environmental Science class projects.

Monday, October 15, 2018

Elementary Soccer Teams Share Victories

Both elementary soccer teams emerged victorious from the District Jamboree.

The gold team first suffered a loss to Miramichi Rural, with a score of 4-0. They defeated Nelson 6-1 with J.P. McCormack scored 3 goals, and Dalas Curtis, Kolton Collins and Thomas Hallihan had 1 each. Finally they defeated Millerton 2-1 with J.P. McCormack and Milia Hallihan scoring the 2 goals.

The blue team first played Nelson, tied them 4-4. Jace Jardine scored 3 goals, and Garland Manderville scored 1. They then went on to defeat Eel Ground 8-0. Shamus Gunter scored 3 goals, Jace Jardine scored 2, Samuel Brennan and Nate Hallihan had 1 each. Lastly, they played the other Nelson team, succeeding with a score of 7-0. Shamus Gunter and Garland Manderville with 2 each, Allison Manderville, Nick and Nate Hallihan had 1 each. 

Article by Piper Duffy

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Walkathon Efforts Celebrated with Prizes and Pies

Last Friday, two lucky students were given the rare chance to sweeten the appearance of Blackville School's Principal and Vice Principal.

Grade 7 student Stephen Brophy and Grade 3 Ellie Jardine were drawn to be the fortuitous holders of a pan filled with whipped cream. This fluffy weapon was launched into the awaiting faces of Mrs. Moody and Mr. Buggie. 

The humorous event was held in celebration of the efforts of those who raised money for a recent fundraising Walkathon.

Grade 2 student Hannah Hallihan raised the most money, and second place was a tie between kindergarten student Cameron Innes and grade 4 student Keenan Underhill.

Over $5500.00 was raised for Student Council initiatives. To see more photos from this event, click here.

Article by Julia Curtis
Photos by Maggie Jardine and Cassidy Coughlan

Senior Girls Game

Last night we saw the girls in a must win game dominate the field and pull a fantastic win over NSER.

 They needed a win to secure their spot in regionals, and they sure came out to play last night, beating the girls 4-0. Scoring for the girls were, Tori-Sullivan with 3 goals, and Reese Urquhart with 1.

The girls were so pumped with their win last night that they celebrated after the game by going out for supper with some of the players.

Eagle's Scream for October 12

Hosts Christopher Underhill and Kel Vickers share news and sports updates from Blackville School. Heard each Friday on Life Radio.

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

An Interview with Coach Sturgeon

Sports Update

The senior girls won one of their two games on Saturday. On the first encounter, the girls suffered a tough loss to Dalhousie. On the second, gave their all, resulting in a tie to Sugarloaf. Scoring for the girls were Piper Duffy and Courtney Donahue.

The Senior boys soccer game against NSER ended in victory, winning 7-2. Scoring for the boys were, Preston Gillespie with three, Drake Donovan, Garett Donohue and Macaully Gillespie with 1 each.

Thanksgiving Colouring Contest

Last week the elementary students participated in a Thanksgiving colouring contest. Although everyone did a great job, there were some winners from each grade who received prizes. The winners are:

  Patience Gallan in Mrs.Waugh's Kindergarten class            

Riley Kern in Ms. Hachey's Grade 1 class

                                        Kate Sturgeon in Mrs. J Hallihan's Grade 2 class

Friday, October 5, 2018

Thursday, October 4, 2018

Sports Update

Senior boys soccer fell to MVHS on Wednesday with a score of 3-2, the boys put their best effort forward! The boys defeated Stanley by a score of 2-1, scoring for the boys were Peyton Gillespie, and his brother Preston Gillespie.

Senior girls had a sweet victory over Baie-Sainte-Anne 3-0, scoring for the girls were, Tori Lee Sullivan, Laura Colford, and Reese Urquhart. Way to go girls! The girls face off against Dalhousie Saturday at 11:00 am and will be going with a double header against Sugarloaf at 2:00 pm.

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Elementary Rival Soccer Game this Thursday

Blackville Gold vs Blackville Blue is all the talk this week at Blackville school, the biggest game of their elementary careers! 

They will be friends before the game and friends after the game but during the game they will be, ruthless rivals doing anything to win. 

Everyone come out and support your Eagles in this riveting match. This will take place Thursday at 3:30 pm.   

Viewpoint: Nutrition Policy

Students share their thoughts on changes to the nutrition policy (Healthier School Food Environment) which applies stronger guidelines on what foods are permitted for breakfast programs, special school events and fundraisers. 

Please Note: Since the policy went into effect, the government has indicated there will be a transition period, and the policy will not affect fundraisers and special school events.

Friday, September 28, 2018

Athletes of the Month

Middle School Girls 

Raelyn Sherrad is our Middle School Girls Athlete of the Month. She stepped up to the plate to try out for the position of goal tender for our first game.  She is rocking it, and without any prior experience!

Middle School Boys 

Austin McCormack is our Middle School Boys Athlete of the Month. Austin only started playing soccer this year and already is dominating in mid-field.

High School Girls

           Laura Colford is our High School Girls Athlete of the Month. Laura has overcome her injury last season and now she is back playing and scored in her first two games!

High School Boys

          Garett Donohue is our High School Boys Athlete of the Month. He is dedicated and always puts forth his best effort.

Students Test Catapult Prototypes

Tests can be a common activity in school. But a group of students at Blackville School were involved in a very different test this week: catapult testing.

Students who built catapults for the Catapult Challenge for the The Pumpkin Fling this Saturday at Waterford Green in Chatham did a test run at Blackville School on Thursday and Friday.

Students from participating schools will be launching pumpkins to see which goes the farthest on Saturday. The creator of the winning catapult will be awarded $750.00. There is also a chance to win the School Spirit Award, valued at $250.00.

Mr. Ashley Hallihan has organized a team with his Environmental Science class. “The students use science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) to build their own creation with lots of school spirit,” explained Hallihan.

Eagle’s Scream Talks to German Exchange Students

Hosts Christopher Underhill and Kel Vickers talk to German exchange students Lena and Jurina. They also share a news and sports update from Blackville School.

Eagle Scream is your weekly podcast from Blackville School as heard on Life Radio every Friday at 6 pm.

Tackling Childhood Obesity Requires a Comprehensive Approach

Returning from summer break always requires adjustments being made. Waking up earlier in the mornings, having to think about complex word problems rather than basking in the sun, these are changes associated with the first week of school. What is not expected is major dietary changes.

A new policy was developed over the summer that deals with the types of foods schools are allowed to serve. This ranges from cafeteria lunch lines, all the way to school-based fundraisers.

This policy states that all foods must have nutritional value, banning all unhealthy snacks and beverages. Along with this, foods like breaded chicken burgers and fries will also be removed from the menu. What has students most upset, however, is the outlaw of chocolate milk.

Thursday, September 27, 2018

Senior Girls Soccer Roster

Name: K.C. Hallihan
Position: Keeper
Number: -
Grade: 12
"You can't spell kick without K.C"
Name: Chloe Curtis
Position: Mid Field
Number: 20
Grade: 12
"Walk the walk, talk the talk, kick the ball"

Sports Update

Elementary Soccer News: The Blackville Blue elementary soccer team defeated Eel Ground at home last night with a score of 9-3. Goals scorers were Garland Manderville and Shamus Gunter with 3 each. Allison Manderville, Samuel Brennan and Nick Hallihan had one each.

Middle School Soccer News: Middle school boys suffered a loss to Max Aitken last night, the score being 9-1. Roman Stewart scoring the only goal.

High School Soccer News: 
High school boys played Saturday, defeating Dalhousie 8-2. Scoring, Peyton Gillespie with 4 goals, Preston Gillespie and Drake Donovan with 2. The boys also played Monday night, coming out victorious against CNBA with a score of 3-0. Scoring for the Eagles were, Peyton Gillespie, Denver Donovan and Drake Donovan with 1 each. High school girls played two games on the weekend. The first game was a success, achieving a  3-0 victory against Sugarloaf. Scoring for the Eagles were Kensen Brennan, Reese Urquart, and Laura Colford, while K.C. Hallihan secured the shut out.

In the second game the girls had a hard fought loss against Dalhousie by a score of 2-1. Scorer of the only goal was, Tori Sullivan. The girls also played Monday night in Stanley. The girls were defeated 1-0, however, they gave their all. The girls came out victorious on Wednesday, beating CNBA of a score of 5-0. Scoring for the girls were, Piper Duffy with 2, Tori Sullivan with 2, and Reese Urquart with 1.

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Senior Boys Soccer Roster

Name: Garett Donohue
Positon: Stopper
Number: 5
Grade: 12
"Love the game, love the challenge"
Name: Denver Donovan
Position: Sweeper
Number: 11
Grade: 12
"The bigger they are, the harder they fall"
Name: Peyton Gillespie 
Position: Striker 
Number: 8
Grade: 12
"Some people call it luck, 
I call it dedication"- Danny Duncan  

Sunday, September 23, 2018

Walkathon Raises Funds for Student Council Initiatives

Grade 5 students Rayanna Beach and Sophie Munn
Walkathons, are a great way to raise money for a charity, social cause and even sometimes schools. That is why Blackville School held a walkathon on September 20.

Students walked about 5 km to raise money for the high school student council. Already this year, improvements were made to the school through student council funds to make it more appealing, more functional and a little more modern.

For example, new durable and comfortable chairs were placed at regular hangout areas in the school.

Most students raised at least fifteen dollars or more and had a chance to enjoy an afternoon walk. Many students thought it was a great way to stretch their legs, as opposed to being in classes all day.

High School Student Union President Chloe Donovan felt it was well worth the effort. “Personally, I believe it was great way to bring spirit back into Blackville School for the beginning of the year,” she said.

Teacher and Student Council Advisor Tim Grattan was in charge of the walkathon. “It went well! We also raised a good sum of money for the school,” he remarked.

The event was well received with most of the students participating in the event, and many students are looking forward to the next one.

To see more photos, click here.

Article by Jenna Coulter
Photos by Maggie Jardine and Cassidy Coughlan 

Friday, June 22, 2018

48 Students Celebrate High School Graduation

Forty-eight grade 12 students crossed the stage at Blackville School on Thursday evening to receive their high school diplomas.

The valedictorian was Gina Keenan and the salutatorian was Marlee Schofield. Reverend John Stewart gave the invocation and Father Owen Burns did the benediction.

Superintendent Mark Donovan and Blackville School Principal Rodney Buggie addressed the staff, graduates and their guests.

Later that evening after the graduation ceremony, the graduates had their all night Safe Grad event at the school.

Middle School Awards Day

Middle School students celebrated their awards day on Wednesday morning, June 20.

Students involved in different school clubs and activities were recognized. 

Certificates of Participation were presented to students involved in the Mountain Bike Club, Student Council, District Science Fair and Genders and Sexualities Alliance.

Other award recognitions included, positivity, hard work, good attendance, perfect attendance and most improved. There were also prizes from the Miramichi Salmon Association and Scholar Awards.

For more photos, click here.

Photos by Helena Arbeau

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Elementary Awards Day

Elementary students received their awards and recognitions on Tuesday morning, June 19.

A number of awards were presented, including recognition for extra-curricular participation in a variety of activities, such as cross country, basketball, music, science fair, archery, road hockey and soccer.

Other awards included good attendance and perfect attendance, as well as prizes from Miramichi Salmon Association prizes and Scholar Awards.

Each students also received a class medal. For more photos, click here.

Photos by Mrs. Angela Moody

Blackville School Prom 2018

The prom for the Blackville School 2018 graduates and their guests was on Saturday, June 16.

The graduation ceremony is this Thursday evening, June 21.

For more photos from prom day, click here.

Friday, June 15, 2018

Students Awarded $1000 for Safe Grad

High school students at Blackville School participated once again in the Safe Grad Initiative sponsored by Alcool NB Liquor (ANBL) in cooperative with the New Brunswick Department of Education and Early Childhood Development.

The students created an awareness video called "Seconds," and it was recognized with a $1000 prize to help fund Safe Grad activities.

The video explores how drinking can have tragic consequences during an evening that was anticipated to be a fun-filled experience. The narration in the video is presented without any dialogue. The video features two local paramedics and Blackville School alumni, Alisha Brophy and Kaylon Vickers.

The students who produced the video are Noah Donovan, Amber Walls, Samuel Keenan and Olivia Buggie.

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Grade 5 and 8 Spring Banquets

Grade 5 students during the celebration
Both grades 5 and 8 classes held their spring banquets last week. 

During the banquets, the students were recognized with different awards, including Bronze B recognitions for excellent academic standing.
MCs Emily Hallihan and Kensen Brennan
at the Grade 8 celebration

The grade 5 banquet also included some musical entertainment. The students played "Sweet Home Alabama!"

To see more pictures from the Grade 5 banquet, click here.

To see more photos from the Grade 8 banquet, click here.

Photos by Jules Keenan, Mrs. Girouard and Ms. Duffy. 

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Blackville School Recognition Day 2018

The middle and high school students, coaches, teachers, parents, and other family members gathered in the gym for a presentation of awards for academics, athletics, and extracurricular activities on the morning of June 4. Graduates, Daniel Moody and Laura Kelly served as this year's Masters of Ceremonies.
Olivia Buggie (right) and Mr. Matthew Sturgeon (Left)

Daniel Richard (grade 12) and Olivia Buggie (grade 12) were awarded the Outstanding Male and Female in Academic and Extracurricular Activities, respectively.

Olivia Buggie (grade 12) was awarded the Fenton Sturgeon Memorial Award. The award is presented to a grade 12 student who has been participating in sports through all four years of high school, while special consideration is given to students who have volunteered their time to coach younger athletes outside of school hours.

Male Athletes of the Year Daniel Richard (left)
and Jesse Frenette (right)

High School Female and Male Athletes of the Year were awarded to Abby Donovan and Erin Moody (grade 12) and Daniel Richard and Jesse Frenette (grade 12).

Middle School Female and Male Athlete of the Year were awarded to Kensen Brennan (grade 8) and Hudson Underhill (grade 8).

Jorja Donovan (grade 8) was awarded Middle School Student of the year.

Maguire Gillespie (grade 12) was also awarded the Kathy McCormack Award, which recognizes athletes who are outstanding sportsmen and school ambassadors.
Jules Keenan, Awarded the School Spirit Award

Jules Keenan (grade 12) was awarded the School Spirit Award, which is awarded to a student who shows an outstanding example of school spirit.

Olivia Buggie, Daniel Richard, Aaron Walls, Erin Moody, Jesse Frenette, Avery Brennan, Amber Walls and Abby Donovan were awarded an athletic letter, an award given to students who have accumulated a total of twelve points during their time in high school. One point is awarded for every varsity sport the student has been a part of, with extra points being awarded for things like being captain and winning a regional or provincial title. 

Kyle and Lillian Donovan were awarded 'Family of the Year,' a new award given to families that the school recognizes as going above and beyond to help volunteer for school activities.

For more pictures from the recognition day, click here.

Article by Noah Donovan
Photos by Logan Burke and Maggie Jardine

Thursday, May 31, 2018

First Annual "Cafe Night" a Success

Grade eight students along with the music teacher Mr. Haché and other staff members hosted the first ever "Cafe Night" on Tuesday, May 29.

A lot of talent was showcased as students performed over 30 acts for members of the school as well as the public.

A canteen was also available with baked goods and drinks for purchase.

The event was held in order to raise funds to help cover the cost of the grade eight field trip to the Sports Dome in Moncton.

Overall, the students raised over $1100 to go towards the trip.

Article by Noah Donovan

Monday, May 28, 2018

Blackville Steals the Show at the 2018 NB Drama Festival

The Blackville High School Drama Club and grade twelve Theatre Arts class traveled to Fredericton to participate in the Annual New Brunswick Drama Festival on Thursday, May 10.

The two groups had worked hard all semester to perfect their plays, spending countless hours practicing and doing dress rehearsals, and all of their time and effort really paid off. Both performances went smoothly, and the two groups returned home with a number of awards.

 "Cheque Please", performed by our Theatre Arts class, was the first to go on. Their performance in the Memorial Hall earned them an astounding 11 awards, including Outstanding Production and Outstanding Use of Set. The awards for Outstanding Supporting Actor went to Darian Donovan, Noah Donovan, Daniel Richard, and Eve Pond. Jules Keenan And Nicholas Hallihan received the Outstanding Actor awards. Samuel Keenan and Cassidy Coughlan also received the Special Adjudicator's Mention for Sound and Lights. Ms. Cheryl Underhill was presented with the Outstanding Teacher Director award as well.
The Drama club performed their play, "Dystopia! The Hungry Maze Game of Divergent Death", shortly afterwards, earning them a total of 7 awards. Nicholas Hallihan, Cassidy Coughlan, Christopher Underhill, and Maggie Jardine received Outstanding Actor awards. Eve Pond received the Outstanding Student Director award. Noah Donovan also received the Outstanding Supporting Actor award.
The cast as a whole was presented with the Special Adjudicators Mention for Comic Chemistry.

Blackville Schools participation in the 2018 NB Drama Festival was evidently successful. It's safe to say that there is no shortage of talent among our students.

Article by Samuel Keenan

Friday, May 18, 2018

Athletes of the Month

The Senior Boys Athletes of the Months for April and May have been awarded to Daniel Richard and Garett Donahue. Both of these boys are players on the Seniors Boys Volleyball team and play a key role in each game.
Senior Boys - Daniel Richard 
Daniel Richard is a dedicated athlete. He goes above and beyond each time a sporting season rolls around. The majority of Richards time is spent in the gym or on the field, getting better at the sports he loves to play. His determination and constant desire to improve helped him throughout the challenging volleyball season. His positive attitude and love for the sport helped his team on and off of the court. Richard's positivity transferred to the boys and helped improve the overall team's game. Whenever there is a challenge, Richard is always ready and more than prepared to rise to the occasion. Not only did Richard captain the volleyball team, but he also was a key component on the Senior Boys soccer and basketball teams this year. This final athlete of the month is a bittersweet award for Richard, as his final sporting season came to an end wearing an Eagles jersey. The blue and gold will certainly miss Richard next year.
Senior Boys - Garett Donahue

Garret Donahue is another deserving recipient of the Athlete of the Month honours. Donahue was a starter for the Senior Boys Volleyball team this season. His athletic abilities shone on the court. Donahue's hard work throughout the season helped the boys volleyball team in each and every game. His dedication and love for the sport was easily seen by all. Donahue is an all around team player and athlete. Along with his importance to the volleyball team, Donahue also laced up for the Senior Boys soccer and hockey teams this year. Donahue will enter his senior year next season, with one final run representing the Eagles.

Senior Girls Athletes of the Month have been given to Abby Donovan and Olivia Buggie. Both are Seniors on the Girls Varsity Volleyball team. Donovan and Buggie bring an abundance of athletic ability and talent every time they set foot on the court.
Senior Girls - Abby Donovan

Abby Donovan is a blocking machine. Donovan is a middle starter for the volleyball team and rightfully so. The blocks go up and Donovan shuts the opponents down. Donovan has a pure love for the sport of volleyball and has spent the last few months committing herself to her team and the sport. Spending hours upon hours on the court practicing each week can be draining for an athlete, but Donovan says there's nothing else she'd rather do. Along with her mega blocks, Donovan is also a powerhouse hitter from the middle of the court. The biggest hit of her life occurred during the game at regionals that sent our Eagles to Provincials. Donovan also played a key role in the successes of our Senior Girls soccer, basketball and hockey teams this year. As the volleyball season is closing out, Donovan has one more kick at the can to bring home a Provincial banner when her team heads to ESN for the Provincial weekend. 
Senior Girls - Olivia Buggie

Olivia Buggie shows up to play. Volleyball has been a passion of hers from a young age, and that is evidently shown each time she returns to the court. Buggie is the setter for the Varsity Girls Volleyball team. The importance of that "second ball" always sets the pace for the game, and Buggie executes herself well. Coach Jennifer Curtis has been extremely pleased with  the improvements Buggie made this season. Her setting and serving abilities have certainly set the bar high and have been a key factor in this seasons success. Buggie's leadership qualities show, as she Captains the volleyball team as well as wearing an "A" for her assistant captaining position on the first Senior Girls Hockey team. Buggie was on the Senior Girls soccer, basketball, hockey and volleyball rosters this year. Closing out her senior year, heading to Provincials is the best way to end a season. Her continuous efforts have not gone unnoticed, as Buggie received the NBIAA Raymond Legere Sportsmanship Award. 

Middle School Girls -
 Dakota Curtis 
The Middle School Girls Athlete of the Month goes to Dakota Curtis. Curtis played on the Middle School Varsity team this season. Her dedication to the sport was shown through each and every practice/game. Curtis captained the volleyball team and helped lead her team through a great season. Her leadership qualities were shown with her class and respect toward each and every teammate and opponent this season. Curtis is a strong power hitter and has a lot to bring to the table. As Curtis finishes out her final middle school season, she has her sights set on continuing her volleyball career with one of our High School Girls teams. Along with her volleyball, Curtis was a strong fullback during this year's soccer season. Her abilities were shown this season and she will continue to develop her game into her high school years.

Middle School Boys - Hudson Underhill

The Middle School Boys Athlete of the Month is Hudson Underhill. Underhill played for the Middle School Boys Varsity Volleyball team this season. His dedication to the sport was clearly shown, as Underhill never missed any chance to jump on the court. Underhill has a true talent for the game, always shutting the opponents down with his rock hard blocks and setting the tone for the game with his fast and well placed serves. His hits are also always on point, but his personal success is only for his overall team's success. Underhill sets on his team; he is a team player and plays the game for his team, not himself. His leadership abilities are shown, as he is co-captain of the team with Owen Underhill. Underhill also played for the Middle School Boys soccer and basketball teams and affiliated on the High School Boys hockey team this year. As Hudson ends out his middle school sporting career, he is excited for the challenge of high school sports and plans to bring his best game. Underhill will definitely be a great addition to next season's volleyball team.

By Marlee Schofield 

Volleyball Update: Eagles Among Best in Province

Junior Varsity Girls (Provincial Silver Medalists

The Blackville School Junior Varsity Girls Volleyball team made history on Sunday May 6. They won the first ever Volleyball Provincial Medal for Blackville School.

The girls started off their season with a tough loss in the fifth set to rival NSER. Veteran players Maggie Jardine and KC Hallihan still had hope in their team and believed in their skill and ability to succeed.

This enthusiasm carried over into the next 6 games against Dalhousie, Campbellton and Carrefour Beausoleil where the girls went undefeated. NSER put an end to this streak, but the girls still headed into Regionals with second place.

The girls showed up to play and found themselves topping Dalhousie in the fifth set 19-17 to head to Provincials in the 1st place slot. Booking their ticket to the provincial weekend did not come easy or without an abundance of hard work and dedication to the sport throughout the season.

As the girls rolled into Provincials, they were set on one goal: the provincial final. They had a chance to do what no other volleyball team from our school could do before and they succeeded to the best of their ability. Each set was a challenge, but our Eagles were able to rise to the occasion and come out on top each time. Another tight game against Dalhousie landed our girls in the finals.
Veterans Maggie Jardine and K.C. Hallihan

After a hard fought battle against a fast and well executed Tobique Valley team, our girls recieved a provincial silver medal, naming them the 2nd best "A" level Junior Varsity Girls Volleyball team in the Province of New Brunswick. Coaches Marilyn Underhill and Cheryl Buggie were extremely pleased with the powerhouse squad they coached this season.

A congratulations is in order for the girls. Their hard work will certainly not be forgotten anytime soon. The younger players are extremely proud with their accomplishment and excited to see what next season will bring. This season was certainly one for the history books!

The Varsity Girls Volleyball team also had a fantastic season, showcasing a lot of volleyball talent that our school has to offer. The girls headed into a regionals, with an exceptional season under their belts.

Playing a total of 12 sets, during the regional weekend, our girls showed up to play and won 10 of those 12 sets. The girls started off the regionals, in a pool with Dalhouse, Minto and Chipman. They ended the round robin playing at the top of their pool and headed to the cross overs against long time rival NSER.  This was the most important game of the season, as the winner was headed to Provincials.

Our girls didn't miss a beat, blocking, attacking and placing each and every ball correctly, landing themselves a ticket to the golden weekend. A placement game was set against Rogersville and Eagles soared, coming out on top, beating them in two straight sets.

The girls are ranked number 1 in the NorthEast of the province as they head to ESN to take on one final weekend of volleyball. Senior players, Abby Donovan, Darian Donovan, Olivia Buggie, Amber Walls, and Erin Moody say they are on cloud 9. Having the chance to capture one final Provincial title is always the best way to end off their High School sporting careers.

The hard work and dedication that the entire team has put into this season was shown on the court and helped our girls excel to the top of the pack. The girls are set to play Kedgewick at 12:00 on Friday May 25 at ESN. 

A big congratulations and good luck is sent to our girls. No matter what the outcome, our girls always leave it all out on the court and play with their hearts for the blue and gold.

By Marlee Schofield and Daniel Richard

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Blackville Theatre Rocks the Stage

Guy (Nick Hallihan) and Cleo (Eve Pond)
Many actors at Blackville had the chance to showcase their talents for the school on Monday, May 7. 

Students from the Theatre Arts 120 class and members of the High School Drama Club presented "Check Please" along with "The Maze" for parents and other students.

The crowd went wild with laughter as both productions were a huge success.

Both groups have been working hard all semester in preparation for the Annual Provincial Drama Festival, and all funds raised went to help cover expenses for the students to attend the festival this year.

More photos from this event can be found here.
Contestants of "The Maze" cower from the guards

Article by Noah Donovan
Photos by Allan Carter

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Students Participate in Spell-a-thon Fundraiser

Elementary students, along with Principle Rodney Buggie
Elementary students participated in a Spell-a-thon on Monday to raise funds for field trips and other school activities.

The top pledge earners were Avery Donahue in grade four who was awarded a Nintendo Switch, Nathan Stewart in grade five who was awarded a hoverboard along with a helmet, and grade five student Kyle LeBlanc who was awarded a drone.

Students who spelled all their words correctly or raised $50 or more in pledges had their names entered in a draw for one of two 450 movie certificates. The winners were Ethan Sullivan in grade 4 and Turner Kenny in Kindergarten. Mrs. A Waugh's grade 5 class raised the most money.

The elementary were successful in their endeavors, as the students raised over $7000 in pledges. The funds will go towards the cost of field trips and other activities.

To view more photos from the event, click here.

Photos by Cassidy Coughlan
Article by Noah Donovan and Samuel Keenan

Monday, April 30, 2018

Dunn Receives Support For European Baseball Trip

Aaron Dunn with Blackville School students during the assembly
On April 25, Blackville School principal Rodney Buggie was happy to hold a short assembly commemorating UNB freshman Aaron Dunn for his excellence in baseball.

A graduate of Blackville, Dunn received  the Rookie of the Year and Pitcher of the Year for UNB's 2017 baseball season, and is travelling to Europe in May to play for the North American Collegiate Baseball team.

Dunn was presented with a $150 cheque on behalf of the school community to help with his travel costs.

Mr. Buggie wishes to start a tradition where Blackville School honours former students who have achieved great things, whether it be in academics or extracurriculars.

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Article by Samuel Keenan
Photos by Maggie Jardine