Friday, February 26, 2021

Winter Carnival Week 2021, Pink Shirt Day and 100 Days of School

Students held a Winter Carnival Week at Blackville School and they included different themes each day. 

On Monday, students wore school colours (blue and gold). Each class selected a colour to wear on Tuesday, but due to the unexpected snow storm, the theme day was cancelled. 

Wednesday was Pink Shirt Day. Students wore pink and there were several different activities about anti-bullying and how to treat others with dignity and respect.  

The Grade 8 Middle School Technology Exploration class designed t-shirt logos and sold t-shirts for this year's Pink Shirt Day. This was a fundraiser for their end-of-year graduation ceremony.

Elementary students also celebrated 100 days of school on Wednesday.  

Thursday was a tropical theme day, and on Friday many of the students and some of the staff sported their pyjamas. There were also different activities for students Friday afternoon. 

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High School Student of the Week

Grade 12 student Reese Urquhart is the High Student of the Week. Reese was nominated by Mrs. Lori Brophy, because she is a "great worker" with a "great attitude."

The other students nominated are: Amber Walls, Tara Martin, Coewan Munn, Chloe Hambrook, Breanna Curtis and River Stewart. 

Congratulations to Reese and the other nominees.

Friday, February 12, 2021

High School Student of the Week

Grade 9 student Raelyn Sherrard is the High Student of the Week. Raelyn was nominated by Ms. Trudy Underhill, because "Raelyn puts forth a great effort in every class and is always willing to participate." 

The other students who were nominated are: Tessa Munn, Blake Curtis, Payton Jardine, Kyle Maillet, Hailey Singer and Brock Coughlan. 

Congratulations to Raelyn and the other nominees.