Tuesday, May 14, 2019

High School Plays Recognized at Provincial Drama Festival

Theatre Arts students perform Ducktails and Bobby Sox at the
New Brunswick Drama Festival
Students from the High School Drama Club and grade 12 Theatre Arts class returned to the New Brunswick Drama Festival for another year on May 9.

Their plays "Bedtime Stories" and "Ducktails and Bobby Sox" were very well received by the judges, winning a combined total of 16 awards.

For the drama clubs play of "Bedtime Stories" the awards received were: Outstanding Student Director to Maggie Jardine and Chloe Donovan and Outstanding Supporting Actor to Logan Burke and Christopher Underhill. The play also received Special Adjudicator Mentions for their Animal Ensemble (K.C. Hallihan, Laura Colford, Courtney Donahue, Chloe Curtis and Kendra McEvoy) and for their group energy.

For the Theatre Arts play "Ducktails and Bobby Sox" the awards received were: Outstanding Production, Outstanding Teacher Director to Cheryl Underhill, Outstanding Actor to Cassidy Coughlan and Christopher Underhill, Outstanding Supporting Actor to Shelby Furlong, Jenna Coulter, Kel Vickers and Maggie Jardine, Outstanding Use of Set, Outstanding Musical Direction to Dom Hache and Outstanding Choice of Material.

The plays will be performed again at Blackville School on Tuesday May 21 at 6pm.

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Photos by the New Brunswick Drama Festival
Article by Maggie Jardine

Thursday, May 9, 2019

Culinary Students Take a Field Trip to Kelly's Special Care Home

Students in the Culinary and ICE Centre courses
visited Kelly's Special Care Home
Students in the grade 12 Culinary Class got to take a break from cooking meals for the student operated Culinary Cafe when they visited Kelly's Special Care Home on May 7.

Along with many smiling faces, they brought delicious sweets for the seniors to try while students from Mr. Hallihan's ICE Centre courses showed off their new, futuristic technology. This included a 3D printer, button making, robotics and the Oculus Rift.

For many in this group of 22 students, this was their second time visiting the residents as many had gone on a past visit to introduce the seniors to this exciting technology.

This project, known as #seniortech, is an effort the Blackville School ICE Centre became involved in through Brilliant Labs and iHub. The project gives senior citizens the opportunities to interact with new technology and younger people.

To view more pictures from their visit click here!

Photos by Logan Burke
Article by Maggie Jardine

Friday, April 26, 2019

World's First PowerPlay Ambassadors Receive Starfish Award

Blackville School's World's First PowerPlay Ambassadors were
awarded the Starfish Award from the Anglophone North School
Three middle school students from Blackville School were acknowledged for their significant contribution as young entrepreneurs with the Starfish Award on April 12.

Jerrica Manderville, Chloe Curtis, Jayda MacDonald and Stephan Brophy were nominated by Mr. Buggie to act as four of the World's First PowerPlay Ambassadors.

These students will be models for other young entrepreneurs in our school and district.

Through the PowerPlay program these students will be able to refine their skills in public speaking and network with entrepreneurs around the world.

This program will continue to give the students many new opportunities. On April 16, the young ambassadors were part of a video conference into a panel discussion on entrepreneurship held at UNB.

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Photos by Allan Carter
Article by Maggie Jardine

Students Win Prizes for Spelling Bee

From left to right the movie card winners were: Miley
McCormack, Pierce Brophy, Sophie Hannah and Lincoln Howe.
Each year elementary students at Blackville School are given the chance to participate in the Annual Spelling Bee.

Students who spell all their words correctly or raise over $50 in pledges, get their name put in for a draw for prizes.

Miley McCormack, Pierce Brophy, Sophie Hannah and Lincoln Howe were the lucky winners of $25 Cineplex gift cards on April 26.

From left to right the top five pledge earners were: Samuel
Brennan, Dixon Gillespie, Hanna Hallihan, Avery Donahue and
Cameron Innes
As the top earner of pledge money, raising $251, Avery Donahue received an Amazon Echo Dot. Other top earners were Cameron Innes, Dixon Gillespie, Hanna Hallihan and Samuel Brennan who each received their own special prize.

To view more pictures from the reception click here.

Photos by Allan Carter
Article by Maggie Jardine

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

BHS ICE Centre Students Visit Kelly's Special Care Home

Residents at Kelly's Special Care Home got a visit from
BHS ICE Centre students
Residents at Kelly's Special Care Home got a little taste of the future when students participating in Mr. Hallihan and Mr. Lehnert's BHS ICE Centre courses stopped in for a visit on April 17.

During this time they introduced the residents to exciting new technology including a 3D printer, the making of vinyl stickers and even a robot who could dance!

Not only were residents wowed by this, but also got to enjoy fiddle music provided by Melissa Barry and singing by Jayda McDonald.

Thanks to Brilliant Labs and iHub, students from grades 7-12 were able to visit the seniors home and showcase both their technology and talents.

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Photo by Deanna Nordin
Article by Maggie Jardine