Sunday, September 23, 2018

Walkathon Raises Funds for Student Council Initiatives

Walkathons, are a great way to raise money for a charity, social cause and even sometimes schools. That is why Blackville School held a walkathon on September 20.

Students walked about 5 km to raise money for the high school student council. Already this year, improvements were made to the school through student council funds to make it more appealing, more functional and a little more modern.

For example, new durable and comfortable chairs were placed at regular hangout areas in the school.

Most students raised at least fifteen dollars or more and had a chance to enjoy an afternoon walk. Many students thought it was a great way to stretch their legs, as opposed to being in classes all day.

High School Student Union President Chloe Donovan felt it was well worth the effort. “Personally, I believe it was great way to bring spirit back into Blackville School for the beginning of the year,” she said.

Teacher and Student Council Advisor Tim Grattan was in charge of the walkathon. “It went well! We also raised a good sum of money for the school,” he remarked.

The event was well received with most of the students participating in the event, and many students are looking forward to the next one.

Article by Jenna Coulter

Friday, June 22, 2018

48 Students Celebrate High School Graduation

Forty-eight grade 12 students crossed the stage at Blackville School on Thursday evening to receive their high school diplomas.

The valedictorian was Gina Keenan and the salutatorian was Marlee Schofield. Reverend John Stewart gave the invocation and Father Owen Burns did the benediction.

Superintendent Mark Donovan and Blackville School Principal Rodney Buggie addressed the staff, graduates and their guests.

Later that evening after the graduation ceremony, the graduates had their all night Safe Grad event at the school.

Middle School Awards Day

Middle School students celebrated their awards day on Wednesday morning, June 20.

Students involved in different school clubs and activities were recognized. 

Certificates of Participation were presented to students involved in the Mountain Bike Club, Student Council, District Science Fair and Genders and Sexualities Alliance.

Other award recognitions included, positivity, hard work, good attendance, perfect attendance and most improved. There were also prizes from the Miramichi Salmon Association and Scholar Awards.

For more photos, click here.

Photos by Helena Arbeau

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Elementary Awards Day

Elementary students received their awards and recognitions on Tuesday morning, June 19.

A number of awards were presented, including recognition for extra-curricular participation in a variety of activities, such as cross country, basketball, music, science fair, archery, road hockey and soccer.

Other awards included good attendance and perfect attendance, as well as prizes from Miramichi Salmon Association prizes and Scholar Awards.

Each students also received a class medal. For more photos, click here.

Photos by Mrs. Angela Moody

Blackville School Prom 2018

The prom for the Blackville School 2018 graduates and their guests was on Saturday, June 16.

The graduation ceremony is this Thursday evening, June 21.

For more photos from prom day, click here.