Friday, October 19, 2018

Viewpoint: Weird Food Experiences

Chloe Furlong is this Week's Bucket Filler

Chloe Furlong is the bucket filler for this week. She was chosen because of her kindness to other students, and always having a positive attitude and the selflessness she displays towards others.

Chloe Furlong is in Mrs. Duffy's Grade 4 class.

Eagle's Scream for October 19

Hosts Christopher Underhill and Kel Vickers share news and sports updates from Blackville School. Heard each Friday on Life Radio.

Reflection on Student Leadership Conference

  Cassidy Coughlan (Spirit Leader), Chloe Donovan (President)
and Emma Sturgeon (Secretary) in Jasper, Alberta on the crest of
the Whistler Mountains after riding 2270 meters up on the Skytram.
The three students attended the Canadian Leadership Conference
in Edmonton, Alberta in September. 
I've had the fortunate honour of getting the chance to attend the Canadian Student Leadership Conference in Edmonton, Alberta this September, and let me tell you it was truly an eye opening and life changing experience.

I met so many new people and I saw some of the most miraculous sights I have ever seen, such as the rocky mountains 2270 meters in the air and also the township of Jasper, one of the most comforting and welcoming places I have been. 

These are only two of the amazing things I got the chance to see in Alberta, but there were so many more that I hope you get to see yourself because only seeing the sight for yourself would do the justice.

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Senior Boys Soccer Action

Yesterday sports action saw the senior boys soccer team destroy CNBA 6-0. The boys came out to play in their last regular season home game. 

Scoring for the boys were, Garett Donohue with 3, Peyton Gillespie with 2, and Devon Underhill with 1. Way to go, boys!

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

An Interview with Dancers Abby and Anna

Losses and Wins in Recent Soccer Action

Last night saw the girls fought a hard 90 minutes but sadly fell to NSER losing 2-1. Scoring for the girls was Laura Colford on an amazing penalty kick!

Also in the news last night the middle school boys beat Dr. Losier 5-0. Scoring for the boys were, Austin McCormack with 2, Roman Stewart, Jackson Jardine, and Brayden Duffy all with 1 each.

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Creating Ripple Effects at Blackville School

Environmental Science Students
Patrick Donovan and Cody Maillet
Many students are likely familiar with the excessively large water bottles that used to stand in our hallways. These were used to collect bottles and other recyclable deposits. This is similar to the project the students in Mr. Hallihan’s Environmental Science class is undertaking.

Students must collect a certain sum of "eco-points" in the class. These are awarded for contributing something meaningful to the environment. To collect their class points, some students have decided to help clean up the community of Blackville.

This is meaningful for many reasons, as it is not only a way to ensure lots of "eco-points," but also improve the appearance of our community and clean up the environment. The money earned from the bottles and cans found in the ditches will also contribute to other Environmental Science class projects.