Thursday, December 22, 2011

Elementary Christmas Concert

Festive Celebrations

By Braden Coughlam

Before staff and students go home for the holidays, Blackville School has been very busy with all sorts of festive activities.

On December 9 the Blackville High School celebrated their annual Christmas formal with 90 in attendance. And on the 16th the middle school celebrated with 118 in attendance.

On Monday December 19 Blackville School held a Christmas concert, and on the morning of December 20 the annual Elementary Christmas concert took place, featuring Kindergarten to grade 5, with performances such as “Oh Christmas Tree” and “Deck the Halls”. Parents and members of the community were in attendance.

The middle school also put on two plays for the school and the community “Believe” and “A Mall and the Night Visitor”. More photos: Christmas program, Choir and Band, and Middle School Drama.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Bilingual Magic

By Nathalie Sturgeon

Magic happened at Blackville School on December 16 as Rémi Boudreau a bilingual magician came for a visit.

Boudreau was brought to the school through a bilingual fund that each school is presented with based on student population.

A school committee, headed by vice principal Aaron Johnston, Carrie Trevors, Carlene Lyons and Janice Jardine came together to share ideas on how to spend the fund.

It is a goal of the school to incorporate many elements of bilingualism within Blackville School. Planned initiatives like morning video announcements in both French and English at least once a week, as well as O’Canada sung in both languages at ceremonies and announcements.

Vice principal Aaron Johnston said that Boudreau is a good example of someone who functions well in both languages, and who has made a successful career as a bilingual performer.

After two successful years, the school hopes to have Boudreau return again and help to foster a positive attitude for bilingualism.

For more photos, click here.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Student's Christmas Story to be Published in Local Paper

By Braden Coughlan

Blackville High School student Maddie Astle will be getting her Christmas story published in the Miramichi Leader. Her story is about a little boy whose father is in Afghanistan.

When asked what inspired her to write the story, she replied that it just kind of came to her.

She was very excited when she got the news because at first she thought that her sister had won the prize, but when she found out that it was her instead it made her that much happier.

Her English teacher, Mrs. Jennifer Underhill, is very proud of her.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Science in Action

By Nathalie Sturgeon
Carly Hallihan explains the experiment to Mandy Colford and Junior Vickers

Students from the grade 12 Biology class were in attendance with their experiments at a STEM (Science, Technology and Math) Expo that was recently held at James M. Hill Memorial High School.

Melissa Underhill and Carly Hallihan armed with a Wii and a cell phone brought their experiment about texting while driving. The experiment was titled “Texting Behind the WiiL.”

Alex Sturgeon, Brody Dunnett and James Vickers also went to the expo with their experiment “Game On.” They tested whether playing video games improves your reflexes.

Alex Sturgeon said he enjoyed viewing all the different and interesting experiments that were brought by other students at the expo. Another STEM expo will be held around the third week of March, and Blackville School anticipates entries for March.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Bring in the season with lots of music from the Blackville choir

By Braden Coughlan

An Evening of Christmas Music to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the choir on Saturday, December 10, 2011 at 7:00 p.m. at St. Bridget’s Church in Renous.

This concert will feature performances by the Blackville School Girls’ Choir, the Blackville School Alumni Choir, the Blackville School Elementary Choir, St. Raphael’s Youth Choir, the Millerton Catholic Choir, St. Bridget’s Children’s Choir, Susan Butler, Jake Stewart, and various other vocal solos and duets.

Tickets can be purchased for $12 at the Blackville School office. Light refreshments will be served in the church basement.

All proceeds will be going towards the Blackville School Girl’s Choir for their trip to Ottawa in 2012.

Blackville School will be presenting its annual Choir and Band Christmas Concert on Monday, December 19, 2011 at 7:00 p.m. in the school gym. Admission at the door is $5.00 for Adults and $2.00 for Students.

Blackville School’s K – 5 Christmas Program will be held on Tuesday, December 20, 2011 at 9:00 a.m. in the school gym. Admission will be a free will offering at the door.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A special guest at Christmas breakfast

By Braden Coughlan

The parents of the Blackville Graduation Class of 2012 hosted a breakfast of eggs, bacon, hash browns and toast, served with hot coffee or tea to the public on Saturday December 3 at the Blackville Hall.

The event was a huge success and raised $1300.00 with over 300 breakfasts served. The money raised will be used for Safe Grad and prom.

Also Santa Claus made a very special appearance to talk to the children and see what they wanted for Christmas.

For more photos click here.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A visit with Terry Seguin

By Nathalie Sturgeon

CBC Information Morning-Fredericton host Terry Seguin came to Blackville School on Friday, November 25 to talk to the Journalism and Law 120 classes.

Seguin came to talk to the students about journalism, and how many changes have occurred within the world of journalism. He outlined what his daily routine is from beginning to end. Students were made aware that journalism is not a 9-5 job.

Near the end of the presentation, Seguin answered a variety of questions that the students provided. Students were receptive to his presentation and enjoyed having him here.

Journalism student Gina Sturgeon posted on her blog that Seguin was a very good speaker who kept her attention, and that she would not mind having him come back.

In photo (l-r): Gina Sturgeon, Junior Vickers, Cory Keenan, Morgan Coughlan, Terry Seguin, Nathalie Sturgeon, Michael McNeil, Kyla Sturgeon

Friday, November 25, 2011

Students take a heavy look at methamphetamines

By Nathalie Sturgeon

A “Synthetic Drug Presentation” was held at Blackville School on November 21. The presentation was held by School District 16 and City of Miramichi Police Force.

Two RCMP officers, Cpl. Girouard and Cst. Fergusson and emergency room doctor Dr. John McCann were on hand to inform students about the harmful effects of drugs.

There were four main drugs that were the focus of this presentation: Crystal meth, ecstasy tablets, ketamine and GHB. Each drug was identified and given clear explanation of what they were and what they can do to a person’s body.

Students were shown real life instances of people who were affected by methamphetamines, videos and pictures were used to display the tragedies that befall people and their families every day.

McCann also said that a high percentage of people who use meth for the first time get addicted. The main message given by both the RCMP and McCann was “Be smart- don’t start.”

Grade 12 student Debora Gilliespie said that the pictures were most effective because they were a true testament of what happens. Gilliespie said that the babies, or “silent victims” of drug abuse stood out the most to her because she couldn’t understand how someone could do that to someone so innocent.

In photo: Marissa Donohue, Melissa Underhill, Cst. Fergusson, Dr.McCann, Ashley Coughlan, Valeja Burnbach (Photo by Nathalie Sturgeon)

Monday, November 14, 2011

Blackville students participate in Annual Take Your Kids to Work Day

By Braden Coughlan

The Grade 9 students of Blackville School were able to participate in an annual event that allows them to visit a place of work and spend the day as an employee.
On Wednesday November 2 the grade 9 students went to a place of work, to learn about their career. The point of the foundation is for students to learn about careers and prepare them for the future.
Grade 9 student Brody Nash went trucking with his father to the Bathurst and Chipman Mill, there he helped secure lumber on the back of the truck.
“This experience helped me a lot because it showed me that although my father does this, it is not the job for me. The best part of my day was just being able to spend time with my dad and listen to his co-workers,” Brody said.
The Annual Take Your Kid To Work Day, has completed its 17th year. The foundation truly proves to help kids work towards their career of choice.
For more pictures click here.

Andrew Gillespie

A Royal Treat

By Nathalie Sturgeon
Photos by Taylar Curtis 
Blackville School Girls’ Choir held a Royal Princess Tea Party on November 7. Elementary students were invited to wear the prettiest gowns and come to this grand gala.
The tea party was a huge success and many young princess turned out to enjoy a night of fine dining and company. Proceeds from this event went to the Girls Choir.
For more photos click here.
(left to right) Emma Hallihan & Tessa Coughlan

Friday, November 11, 2011

Lest We Forget

Wreath Layers: Destiny McCormack, Abby Sturgeon, Gabryella Munn, Abigail McEvoy
By Nathalie Sturgeon

The sentiment “Lest We Forget” rang through the gymnasium of Blackville School on November 10.

Community members, school staff and students from every grade gathered to remember those who fought, died and survived.

The ceremony started with the singing of the national anthem by the Blackville Elementary Choir, followed by a welcome message by Blackville students Eden Lynch and Owen Underhill.

Rev. Jonathan McNair gave an opening prayer. The ceremony included many readings and songs performed by both Blackville Girls Choir and the Jazz Band.

A student from each homeroom class laid a wreath, along with various community groups and organizations. This was followed by the traditional two minutes of silence.

The ceremony ended with the procession of veterans and honorable guest. A reception hosted by the Culinary class was held afterwards.

For more photos from the ceremony, click here

Nathalie Sturgeon is a student in Journalism 120 at Blackville School. She can be reached at

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Live different foundation visits Blackville School

By Braden Coughlan

In this world there are thinkers and there are doers, the presenters from Live Different want students from Blackville School to be doers.

Live Different is an organization formed in 2004 that encourages people to live a different lifestyle, and not think about themselves so much. They travel to developing countries and build houses for the less fortunate, and support struggling people.

On Thursday, November 3, Blackville school was treated with a presentation from the organization, which included a musical performance from 2007 Canadian Idol winner Brian Melo.

Combining music and video, the presentation is lively and engaging while challenging students to think about how they can make a difference in the world. Live Different presenter Joseph said, “At first the kids were a little quiet, but near the midway point, they really started to get rowdy, and it was clear that they were enjoying themselves.”

Joseph’s advice for people who may be considering joining the foundation, is to just go for it while you are young, because it is such a rewarding thing - being able to help the less fortunate, and put a smile on a child’s face.

Over the last three months they have been to 45 different schools, and they have numerous locations planned, such as New Bandon, Sussex, Saint John and Fredericton.

A small group of students were able to participate in some extra activities with the group, Grade 12 student Taylar Curtis said, “I thought they were awesome, they talked about things that happen in other countries, but they also told us things that happen in Canada.”

Presently, some of the students at Blackville School are recruiting other students to get involved in an awareness campaign and raise money for Canadians in need.
For more pictures click here.

Left to right: Andrew Gillespie, Karlee Coughlan, Deborah Gilespie, Joy Yu, Meghan Nash, Paisley, Carly Nebbs, Erin Duffy, Vanessa Michaud, Morgan Coughlan.

Grade 12 Biology Project

By: Nathalie Sturgeon

Blackville Schools students are being subject to a special experiment this year. Grade 12 students are testing students from different grade levels. They are learning how to test their reflexes in a term project introduced by their Biology teacher Mrs. Trudy Underhill.

The class was divided into several small groups and selected a certain project provided to them or they created a project themselves. Students will spend many days using a variety of different reflex tests to prove their ultimate hypothesis.

Morgan Coughlan and Taylor Fortune are enjoying their experiment. The students are looking at how texting on mobile devices affects students’ learning. Coughlan says she enjoys interacting with the other students.

Carly Hallihan and Melissa Underhill are using a computer simulation about the effects of texting and driving. While the students text they have to drive through open gates in the simulation. Hallihan says she expects to see higher percentages of open gates missed while texting.

Many students used the ruler drop for testing reflexes, including Lindsay Sullivan, Erin Duffy and Nathalie Sturgeon. Students who were tested from grade 1 said they really enjoyed the ruler drop, and many of them stated they like the older students who helped them.
For more pictures, click here.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Students helping students: Blackville School International Water Project

By Braden Coughlan
Freedom comes pretty easy for Canadians, but in other parts of the world, that is not the case.
Grade 8 Blackville students Ashlyn Moody and Laura Jardine are truly stepping up to the plate.
They are helping children in India attain clean water, food, and an education. It is part of Free the Children’s Adopt a Village Clean Water Project.
Free The Children is the world's largest network of children helping children through education, with more than one million youth involved in innovative education and development programs in 24 countries.
Moody and Jardine are the leaders of the Free the Children school group. The other members include Brooke Underhill, Calvin Furlong, Deanna Donovan, Ashley Kelly, Amelia Underhill, Abby Donovan, Jules and Samuel Keenan, Noah Donovan, Veronica Pond, and Pauline Sturgeon.
It all started with a presentation by Free the Children last fall. The students’ immediate reaction to the presentation was that they would like to help. So the girls set a goal for $5000; they already have $2900.
When asked how they felt about what they were doing, the girls said it made them feel good that they were helping less fortunate people led a better life.
The students are busy planning further fundraisers, including a bake sale and a walkathon.
Braden Coughlan is a student in Journalism 120 at Blackville School. He can be reached at
Photo: Left to right: Laura Jardine and Ashlyn Moody in front of water project goal poster.
Photo by Taylar Curtis

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween Party

By:Nathalie Sturgeon

Goblins and goons of all ages and sizes gathered at Blackville School for a Halloween fundraiser hosted by the Graduating Class of 2012. This Halloween party has been a tradition at Blackville School for at least 30 years.
Two parties were held that evening, a kindergarten to grade three and a grade four to five. 220 elementary students were in attendance. A variety of games were enjoyed by the students.
A middle school dance was also held that evening, 120 students were in attendance.

For more pictures from this event, click here.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

McAllister Farm Visit!

By Braden Coughlan

Blackville students from kindergarten to grade 1, went on a fun-filled field trip to McAllister Farm, where they participated in many activities on Friday October 7.

The students were invited to pick apples, and go on a beautiful October hayride. When asked about her experience Kindergarten student Jerrica Manderville said, “We got to pick lots of apples, and my favorite part was the hayride."
Students have been participating in this field trip for years, and from the smiles on the kids’ faces, it will most likely continue for years to come.

For more pictures from this trip, click here .

Friday, October 14, 2011

Universities overtake local High School Gym

By Nathalie Sturgeon
Photos taken by Nathalie Sturgeon

Grade 12 students of Blackville School travelled to Miramichi Valley High School for Atlantic Association of Registrars and Admissions Officers (AARAO). A variety of colleges and universities were in attendance.

Student TJ Donohue said “I liked how the recruits provided us with information we didn’t know.” Taylar Curtis added by saying that she liked that recruiters showed a genuine interesting in students and were eager to help you.

James Vickers said he found after visiting this expo that he was easily able to narrow down his choice to one specific university based on the attitude and information provided by the representatives.

The AARAO provided students with an in-depth look at their futures, and succeeded in helping them make informed decision.

In this picture:
Lindsay Sullivan
Sarah-Beth Hayes
Kennedy Coughlan
Ashley Coughlan
Michael McNeil

Blackville School student participates in Rick Hansen Relay

by Braden Coughlan

Grade 10 Blackville student Kendra Underhill participated in the annual Rick Hansen relay that was held on October 1st.

Rick Hansen created the relay event. Hansen is a paralympian who was paralyzed in a tragic car accident when he was only 15. In 1985 Rick Hansen began his Man in Motion tour spanning over 26 months and covering 40,000 kms over 34 countries.

Since then there has been an annual Rick Hansen relay, which raises money and awareness for spinal cord injury problems.

Kendra says that participating in this event was very exciting and it made her feel proud to be running for a good cause. She learned a lot about what Rick has done for people suffering from spinal cord injuries.

Kendra says that if all goes well she would enjoy participating again next year. Currently Rick has raised more than 200 million dollars, with no end in sight.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Mothers Against Drunk Driving

High School students are shown the “damages” of impaired driving

Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) Canada came to Blackville School to present a newly made film called “Damages” on October 5. André LaFlamme from MADD gave a short introduction and then proceeded to show the film.

The intended goal of the presentation is to reduce the amount of drunk drivers among teens. MADD would like to see teens reflect upon their ultimate decisions, between driving under influence or getting into a vehicle with someone you know who has exceeded the legal limit.
Grade 12 student Melissa Underhill said, “the testimonials were the hardest to watch.” Underhill added that she could relate to the mother because she is the same age as the daughter she lost as a result of a drunk driver.

Grade 9 student Whitney Tucker said, “the movie was the most effective; because it was so real.” She felt the acting was really good.
LaFlamme will be taking the presentation to over 300 schools across Atlantic Canada, and Quebec, in hopes that students will begin to think before they act.

Image names from left to right: Carly Hallihan, Sarah-Beth Hayes, Dallas Underhill, TJ Donahue, Andre LeFlamme, Cory Keenan, Michael McNeil, Marissa Donohue, Michaela Jardine

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A New Technological Aim at Student Learning

By Nathalie Sturgeon and Braden Coughlan

Blackville School is part of a provincial initiative called “Demonstration Schools.” The aim of this initiative is to study the impact of technology and computers on student learning. Along with 36 schools across the province, Blackville will represent District 16.

The focus of this research initiative is three folded. How does technology impact students? How does technology affect the engagement of students? And, lastly, how does technology address the education of diverse learners?

Blackville School has specified two questions they would like to see answered by this initiative. Is there a correlation between one-to-one access and students being on task? Secondly, will access to online resources and a variety of options for student feedback lead students to take personal ownership of their learning?

A designated team of high school teachers has been assigned to do the research, but all high school teachers will assist in the project. The school will receive assistance from District 16 Technology Mentors Joey Savoy and Rick Hayward. They will help educate students and provide Blackville with data.

“The project is really a living and evolving one that sees us addressing new needs as we identify them through our student body,” said Blackville School Vice-Principal Aaron Johnston.

“However, like any research proposal we will have to wait and see what the data at the end tells us. But, I am optimistic that this will prove to be a good initiative,” continued Johnston.

After being asked whether more money would be set forth for a program surrounding technology, Johnston had this to say, “I am hopeful that the department will find this to be a progressive initiative and be able to help fund it.” This comes after District 16 implemented SMART Boards in all their classrooms.

Grade nine student Brittney Hayne said she finds the net books convenient when doing her work. Grade nine student Madison Astle added, “Google is like a dictionary on its own, you can pretty much find anything. If you need anything you can just search it on the internet.”

“Regardless of what the results are, Blackville School will continue to be an advocate for technology in the schools. We will use it to teach, use it to engage, and use it to reach higher and higher levels of achievement,” said Johnston.

Photos by Taylar Curtis

An Apple Leaves a Lasting Impression

An apple a day keeps the doctors away, but no one ever said anything about leaves.
On Tuesday, October 4 Grade 6 Blackville students Jules Keenan and Emily Peterson found an apple that had something very unusual about it.
Emily was digging through her lunch can and found a bright red shiny apple. Thanks to her friend Jules, the apple was saved. Jules noticed a subtle imprint of a leaf on the apple.
Seeing that this was a special apple Emily traded it with her teacher, Mrs. Carmel Fiander for another apple, and the apple is now kept in the science room.

By Braden Coughlan

Friday, October 7, 2011

Outdoor Pursuits Canoe Trip

Blackville Highschool's Outdoor Pursuits class went canoing last Friday in Blackville, click here for more pictures!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Tweeting CBC

Blackville School Grade 11 student Natalie Sturgeon uses Twitter and she is also very interested in pursuing a career in journalism. So it was not surprising that she followed Terry Seguin on Twitter. Mr. Seguin is, afterall, the host of CBC Radio One Information Morning Fredericton.

But it may be surprising that Natalie asked Mr. Seguin to visit Blackville School after reading on his Twitter account that he visited a school in Fredericton. Mr. Seguin replied in the positive, and on Friday morning, November 19, the CBC journalist and radio host made the trek from Fredericton to Blackville to speak to the Journalism 120 class.

The students had quite a few questions for the CBC journalist who spoke to them about a wide range of topics from journalism ethics to the interviewing process. He sparked a lot of interest among the students about considering a career in journalism, and many of the students stayed after his presentation to ask him more questions.

While Nathalie is not in Journalism 120 this year, she did attend the presentation and she was one of the students who spoke to Mr. Seguin after the presentation. Mr. Seguin asked the students who used Twitter to add him so they could continue the discussion.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Blackville School Terry Fox Walk

Student and teachers alike laced up their running shoes and started their 3km walk, on Wednesday, September 28 for National School Run Day, as the Terry Fox’s legacy continues at Blackville School.

Students from grades 6-12 started their journey from the Blackville School to the beginning of the Batholomew Road, and kindergarten to grade 5 did their contribution by walking around the school.

Students were asked to bring a loony that would go towards cancer research. The students were eager and willing to participate for a worthy cause.

For more photos from the event, click here.

by Nathalie Sturgeon

Friday, June 17, 2011

Twilight star visits Blackville School

Students at Blackville School received quite a surprise when Canadian actor and Twilight star Cameron Bright visited the school on Friday, June 16.

Accompanied by local MLA Jake Stewart, Bright was in Miramichi with his grandmother Pauline Keenan. Keenan lives in Ontario and was home visiting as she grew up in the Blackville area (Howard Road).

Bright received quite a reception as students gathered for well over an hour to receive his autograph and take photos.

Bright plays the character Alec in the Twilight Saga, appearing in New Moon, Eclipse, and the new movie Breaking Dawn – Part 2 to be released next year. Fans can also keep an eye out for Bright in the film Little Glory that is currently in post-production.

In photo: Blackville students Laura Sturgeon, Jade Underhill, Kailey Donovan and Brittany Hennessy with Canadian actor Cameron Bright who visited the school on Friday, June 16

Monday, June 13, 2011

Student and volunteer work celebrated on Recognition Day

Recognition Day was held on Friday, June 10. Aside from the student awards, recognitions were also presented to members of the community who have offered countless hours to the school through volunteer work. There was also a special recognition to Bonard Muck, an alumnus of Blackville School and 1999 Canada Games Silver Medalist.

Grade 12 student Nicole Duguay and Grade 11 student Junior Vickers were the recipients of the Female and Male Academic and Extra Curricular Awards.
Photos by Leigh Flett

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A kayakin' we will go...

Students from the Outdoors Pursuits 110 class camped out at Fundy National Park on Wednesday, June 1. The students also participated in many different activities, including kayaking. For more photos from their experience and their fundraising efforts, click here.

Healthy Opportunities at Blackville School: Click here to read about Blackville School's participation in the SoGo Active Grant Program.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Flipping out

Students from Blackville School visited Miramichi Valley High School to take part in the High Elements Course on Wednesday, May 18. The purpose of the activity is to challenge students to move outside their comfort zone while also building support, trust and teamwork. The High Elements Course is part of District 16's Adventure Initiative. For more photos, click here.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Pretty pets

The High School Graduation Class held a Cutest Photo Pet Contest this semester. Students and staff entered about 70 pet photos in the contest. A judging committee narrowed the choices down to three pets and then the three choices were placed at the local convenience store with money jars available for voting. The money raised will be used for Safe Grad in June.

Photo (right): First place winner went to Shadow, owner Kaelyn Hallihan (grade six).
Photos (below): Runner ups Kiser, owner Kristen Gillespie (grade five) and Samcro, owner Amber Hambrook (kindergarten).

Monday, May 16, 2011

High school play performances

The Theatre Arts 120 Class and High School Drama Club performed their two plays for the general public last Thursday, May 12 in the school cafeteria. The plays were also performed at the New Brunswick Drama Festival on Monday, May 2.

The plays won some recognitions and awards at the festival. The Theatre Arts Class' performance of The Way It Is was recognized for Ensemble Work, Outstanding Use of Set, and Outstanding Teacher Director Award to Ms. Cheryl Underhill.

The High School Drama Club's Performance of 13 Ways To Screw Up Your College Interview was recognized for Ensemble Work, Outstanding Choice of Material, and Outstanding Student Directors Award to Michael McNeil and Melissa Underhill.

The money raised from admission at last Thursday's performances was donated to the school's Free the Children Adopt a Village Water Project. For more photos from the performances, click here.

Photo at top: A college applicant (Junior Vickers) makes the college admission officers (Kennedy Coughlan and Taylar Curtis nervous as they realize he is obsessed with attaining a succesful admission in 13 Ways To Screw Up Your College Interview.

Photo above: A student (Nathan Hetherington) shares with the audience his thoughts on popularity and fame as other cast members act it out in The Way It Is.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Oh my, it's time for pie

In the spirit of charity, Blackville School teacher Mr. Mason allowed himself to be subject to "teacher torture" in a fundraiser at the school. On Wednesday, May 4, one student from each home room had the chance to "share" a pie with Mr. Mason during a school assembly in the gym. Mr. Mason was the school's choice for the teacher torture and a pie was auctioned off in each homeroom for students. The event raised over $400.00 for the school's Free the Children Adopt a Village Initiative and was organized by students. For more photos from the event, click here.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Art enrichment

Last Friday, March 25, was Art Enrichment Day for the Blackville Middle School Art Group. Art teacher Theresa MacKnight from Miramichi Valley High School spent the day with the students, and the students' work was submitted in the Miramichi Salmon Association Art Contest. For more photos from the art enrichment experience, click here.
In photo (l-r): Madison Gillespie 7H, Cassidy Jay 7H, Tanisha Hallihan 7H and Meaghan Coughlan 7D

Friday, February 18, 2011

Staff Appreciation Week

The Blackville Home and School Association provided the school staff with snacks, sweets and even a buffet lunch during Staff Appreciation Week (February 14-18).
In photo: Diana Hallihan, Andrea Donohue, Home and School President Necia Nash, Bea Crossman and Colleen McLaughlin on Friday, February 18 during "Salsa Snack Day."

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Blackville students celebrate National Flag Day

Students from Blackville School celebrated National Flag Day on Wednesday, February 16. Click here to read more and click here for more photos.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Say no to bottled water

Blackville School students from grades five to twelve attended a special presentation on Wednesday morning, February 2. Two representative from Free the Children, Sarah Klassen and Derrick An, presented H20 4U - a presentation and workshop focusing on global water use and conservation. Blackville was one of only ninety schools in Canada that was selected and received sponsorship for this presentation through the Royal Bank of Canada.

During the presentation, the students were told that tap water in Canada is usually safe to drink and bottled water should be avoided. Six times more water than is actually in a water bottle is used to manufacture the bottle.

Following the presentation, twenty five students from grades five to nine attended workshops to develop a plan of action for Blackville School and decide on a village in India that the students would adopt and help support them in their efforts for clean water through awareness and fund raising.

For more photos from the event, click here.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Premier Alward visits Blackville School

New Brunswick Premier David Alward and Southwest Miramichi MLA Jake Stewart visited the students and staff at Blackville School on Monday, January 17. The two politicians joined some of the students for skating at the local outdoor rink. The premier was then given a tour of the school and visited some of the classes.
Please note: Video coverage of the visit will be posted soon.