Thursday, February 23, 2023

High School Students of the Week

There are two high school students of the week because two students were both nominated by two different teachers. Grade 11 student Eddy Manderville was nominated by both Mr. A. Hallihan and Mrs. C. Underhill. Grade 9 students Danica Mullin was nominated by both Mrs. T Underhill and Mrs. J. Underhill. 

Mr. Hallihan said, "Eddy has been an active participant in both Entrepreneurship 110 and Outdoor Education 110. He is always willing to help and complete what needs to get done." Mrs. C Underhill said "Eddie always puts forth his best effort in English class.  He is also polite and helpful outside the classroom."

Mrs. T Underhill said, "Danica works very hard during both Math and Science 9. Danica takes great pride in all work and works to her full potential everyday." Mrs. J. Underhill said "Danica is a conscientious student who always puts forth her best work in English 9. Danica also greets us every morning with our morning announcements and does a beautiful job at this task."

The other students nominated are Abby Sturgeon, Jace Jardine, Kyler Sturgeon and Tessa Munn. Congratulations go out to Eddy, Danica and all the other nominees. 

Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Pink Shirt Day Pep Rally 2023

Students and staff held a Pink Shirt Day Pep Rally at Blackville School today. 

Students from all grade levels participated in a number of activities on Wednesday morning. The activities were organized  by the High School Student Council.

Students and staff were encouraged to wear pink on Wednesday to stand against bullying. As part of Pink Shirt Day, there are also daily "Kindness Challenges" this week. 

To find out more about Pink Shirt Day, click here. To see more photos from the pep rally, click here

Thursday, February 16, 2023

High School Student of the Week

Grade 12 student Hailey Singer is the High School Student of the Week. She was nominated by both Mrs. J. Underhill and Mr. Carter.

Mrs. Underhill said, "Hailey is working so well in World Issues, always putting her best work into whatever we do. She is always so pleasant and friendly." Mr. Carter said, "Hailey is very engaged in Media Studies 120 and readily contributes to our discussions while also making connections to her own experiences."

The other student nominated was Abigail McEvoy. Congratulations go out to Hailey and Abby. 

Wednesday, February 15, 2023

Students and Staff Celebrate Flag Day

There was a lot of red and white at Blackville School on February 15 to celebrate National Flag of Canada Day. 

Classes were invited to take photos in front of a large flag and share the photos on social media. using the hashtags #CanadianFlag and tagging @cdnheritage. 

To see more photos from the day, click here

Thursday, February 9, 2023

High School Student of the Week

Grade 12 student Jesse LeBlanc is the High School Student of the Week. He was nominated by Mr. Hallihan.

Jesse worked hard to pass his Environmental Science exam, went 3/3 with attendance last week and has so far been an active participant in Outdoor Education. 

The other students nominated are Kohen Coughlan and Brandon Hernandez.

Congratulations go out to Jesse and the other nominees.