Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Winter Carnival Pageant 2014 Draws Large Audience

Queen and Miss Talent Kailey Donovan
with First Princess Jessica Munn, Miss Friendship Winner Candace
Purcell and Second Princess Kyla Coughlan.
(Photo by Josie Furlong)
Blackville School held their 2014 Winter Carnival Pageant. Twelve female students from grades nine to twelve participated.

The contestants completed a question and answer session as well as a talent component. Many of the contestants sang while others performed dance or displayed video creation or cooking skills.

Grade nine student Kailey Donovan was crowned Queen and was also selected Miss Talent. First Princess went to Jessica Munn and Second Princess went to Kyla Coughlan. Candace Purcell was selected Miss Friendship by the other contestants.

It is estimated that over two hundred people attended the event.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Middle School Students of the Month

Student of the month for Ms. McEvoy's homeroom class is Avery Hallihan. Avery is hard working, shows respect for others, is especially kind of helpful and has made academic improvement.

Robyn Stewart was chosen as student of the month for Mrs. Moody's class. Robyn is hardworking, displays leadership skills and makes an outstanding effort in her work.

Student of the month for Mr. Johnston's class is Matthew
McNeil. Matthew is hard working and shows respect for others while being especially kind and helpful.

Kaitlyn Burns was chosen as student of the month for Mrs. Waugh's class. Kaitlyn is a hard working student who is especially thoughtful, kind and helpful and shows respect for others.

Student of the month for Mrs. O'Keefe's class is Daniel Moody. Chad is hard working, especially kind, helpful and thoughtful. He shows leadership skills and shows respect for others.

Samuel Keenan was chosen as student of the month for Ms. Steeve's class. Samuel is especially kind, helpful and thoughtful. He has displayed leadership skills and respect for others. 

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Staff Appreciation Week

The Blackville Home and School Association provided the school staff with snacks, sweets and even a buffet lunch during Staff Appreciation Week (February 10-14). 

In the photo are: staff members Gloria Kelly and Cheryl Underhill, Home and School members Donna Burke, Terri Lee Donahue, and Brenda Stewart and staff members Loretta Gorbett and Chris Norton.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Blackville School Hosts Annual Basketball Challenge

The Blackville High School boys basketball team defeated the North and South Esk (NSER) Regional Cobras in a close game on Monday, February 10 with a final score of 74-70. The Blackville High School girls team was defeated by NSER with a score of 50-26.

Blackville School hosted the Annual Eagle/Cobra Challenge this year. The challenge is between the Blackville Eagles and the NSER Cobras with both the high school girls and boys teams competing.