Wednesday, February 17, 2010

In the Spirit of the Olympics...

Blackville School held their 4th Annual Math Olympics on Tuesday, February 16. Inspired by the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver, it was decided by the Elementary teachers to hold this year's event in February during the first week of the Winter Olympics rather than in the fall as in previous years.

Madame Michelle Tobin Forgrave and grade eight student Noella Doiron were official torch bearers for the Olympic flame as it made its way through Canada. They lead the kindergarten to grade eight into the gym for a "victory lap." This was followed by a brief description of their experience of being part of the 2010 Olympic Torch Relay. The two then lit the Olympic Math flame.

In the spirit of the Canadian experience at the Olympic games and to celebrate flag day, flags depicting the provinces and territories were carried by the Grade 7 class. The classes from kindergarten to grade 2 started the Math Olympic ceremony. They were assisted by Home and School members and as several Middle School students. The classes from K-5 also selected a team name and a colour for the day.
The classes from grades 3-5 began their Olympics in the afternoon where all participants had events that called on them to use strategy, team cooperation, encouragement, and school spirit.

The medals for the games will be presented at another assemby where students from each class will receive a gold, bronze, or silver for each of the events.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Valentine's Day Sculpture?

Members of the High School Boys Hockey Team attempt to create a dance sculpture during the Blackville High School Valentine's Day Dance on Thursday, February 11. Proceeds from the dance went to the hockey team.
(Photos by Dolan Brophy)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Haiti Relief Collection presented to the Red Cross

Grade six students at Blackville School recently took up a collection for the Haiti Relief Fund. In just one day, the students raised $1265.54. The students were encouraged to do this as part of being Active Citizens, which is promoted in the Social Studies program. On Tuesday, February 10, the students presented the cheque to Mr. Rod Fraser of the Miramichi Red Cross.

In the photo (front l-r): Abigail Hennessy, Riley Luce, Stuart Jardine, Joseph Hallihan, Michael Waugh, Brooke Underhill, MacKenzie Jardine, Ashlyn Moody, Tamara Arbeau. Back row: Sarah Kelly, Rod Fraser of the Red Cross. (Photo by Dolan Brophy)