Sunday, May 28, 2017

Daniel Richard Receives Raymond L. Legere Award for Involvement in Athletics

Grade 11 student Daniel Richard
Grade 11 student Daniel Richard, has been awarded the Raymond L. Legere award for his sportsmanship abilities and participation in soccer, volleyball, and basketball.

The New Brunswick Interscholastic Athletic Association recently held its 12th Annual Sportsmanship Awards Banquet at St. Thomas in Fredericton, where Richard was honoured with the award.

He agreed to answer some questions about his pursuit of athletics and his thoughts on the importance of extracurricular participation:

How important is it for you to compete and participate in sports?
I think it's pretty important, because it's what I do for fun. I've made a lot of new friends from it, especially from other schools, and I've become better friends with other people here.

With participating in so many extracurricular activities, do you find it difficult to balance everything? Such as academics, sports, and your personal life.
Daniel Richard during a soccer game against
Digby Regional High School
It's definitely really difficult, especially trying to finish homework, but it's also worth it. It's a good way to relax and unwind after a day of school or doing homework.

Do you want to continue to pursue sports after high school? Why? If so, which sports?
Yes, I would like to try and continue to take part in sports, mainly playing basketball at St. Thomas University and later become a gym teacher.

What are some positive impacts sports have had on your life?
One way is that it gives me a good way to spend my free time, because most nights I wouldn't have a lot to do without practices.

Why would you recommend others to take part in sports and other extracurricular activities?
Yeah, I think it's important for people to try and get involved with everything they can.

Article by Veronica Pond and Paulina Sturgeon 

Thursday, May 25, 2017

RBC Olympian Luke Couture Visits Blackville School

Luke Couture speaking to the high school students of BHS
The aspiring olympic athlete Luke Couture, visited Blackville School on May 25.

Couture spoke to the high school students about his life, what he has learned from his time as a professional athlete, and why it is vital not to give up what you're passionate about.

Luke Couture is a professional athlete from Saint John, New Brunswick, and he has always had a love of sports and athletics.

He was always working towards being a professional athlete, and despite all of the obstacles in his path, he has found his niche, playing professional badminton all around the world. He attended school in British Columbia, and has since went on to compete in numerous competitions, nationally and internationally.

Some of his many achievements in his badminton career include spending two years in Denmark, competing in the Danish leagues in Copenhagen, and the 2014 Pan American Championships, where he competed as part of Team Canada, winning gold by beating the USA 3-2.

Luke Couture with grade 12 students
Cameron Hambrook (Left)and Samantha Stockless (Right)
One of his current goals is to compete in the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, Japan. He is currently training and practicing as much as he can, confident that he can represent Canada in one of the most extraordinary athletic competitions.

He is also a member of the RBC Olympian program, which aims to help support athletic programs and organizations by sponsoring both small town teams and national and international renowned athletes.

Luke Couture with Blackville School
Principal Rodney Buggie
He talked to the students about following their dreams, and refusing to give up when it comes to what you're passionate about, even when the world seems to be against you.

He almost gave up sports when he was in high school, and he is relieved that he kept going, as he has gained so much in success and experience from pursuing sports on such a high level. The take away from his presentation was to never let anyone else tell you what you cannot do, don't sell yourself short, and "carpe diem" or seize the day.

Luke has and is presenting his story and success to schools across the Maritimes, and he also just recently spoke at the NSER athletic banquet on May 24, where they celebrated their coaches and athletes, and presented many athletic awards.

Article by Veronica Pond 
Photos by Jules Keenan

Friday, May 19, 2017

Students Participate in Wellness Workshops

Grade 8-12 students participated in various wellness workshops and activities on Friday May 11. The workshops focused on how students can stay healthy, both physically and mentally. The students learned how to relieve stress, practice healthy living, and improve their overall health, including their mood and energy.
An example of a student colouring on a
mandala-inspired colouring page
The students spent the day engaging with several presenters who led various sessions such as "Gym  Fitness," "Anxiety," and "Nutrition." All of these sessions were directed on how students can live healthier and happier.

Students took part in colouring mandalas that helps remove focus from negative emotions and habits, and channel them into a safe and productive form. It has many other positive effects on mental health, and is the main reason for the surge in popularity of "adult colouring books."

Various essential oils and an oil diffuser 
The students also attended a workshop on the benefits of using essential oils. The students learned that using essential oils such as lavender, peppermint, or tea tree oil can have relaxing and soothing effects, can help skin conditions, and even help counteract cold and flu symptoms.

The students also experienced an oil diffuser which diffuses the oil and disperses the vapour into the air. The oils also have positive effects on mental and physical health, helping you sleep and relax and elevate your mood. The diffusers are a safer alternative to candles and incense.

The students were taught all of these benefits and got to smell various essential oils and experience the effects of an oil diffuser.

Several students taking part in the fitness workshop
The students also attended a session in the gym where they learned about fitness and different methods that they can use to be healthier and happier.

They learned about various exercises and workouts that are not very strenuous or excessive, but are fun and easy for anyone to take part in. The students went through each exercise with their presenter, and tried them all together, making for a fun and effective workout.

The students experienced a full morning of learning how to keep themselves happier and healthier, and were encouraged to try and practice more of these healthy habits on their own time. The students were all enthusiastic, and the presenters were very engaged with the students. They helped to guide the students through easy but effective ways to improve their mental and physical health.

The workshop presenters were Wendy Vickers, Gloria Kelly, April Jardine, Chanelle Melanson, Christy Jamieson, Dr. Tiffany Keenan and Danny Underhill.

Article by Veronica Pond and Paulina Sturgeon
Photos by Jenna Coulter

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

High School Plays Receive Recognitions at the 2017 NB Drama Festival

The Blackville High School Drama Club and grade twelve Theatre Arts class traveled to Fredericton to participate in the Annual New Brunswick Drama Festival on Thursday, May 11.

The two groups had worked hard all semester to perfect their plays, spending countless hours practicing and doing dress rehearsals, and all of their time and effort really paid off. Both performances went smoothly, and the two groups returned home with a number of awards.

 Blackville High School's Drama Club
The drama club were the first to perform from Blackville at the festival. For their performance of Alice in Wonderland in the Black Box Theatre, they were awarded with Outstanding Use of Costume. Outstanding Supporting Actor awards went to Christopher Underhill, Isabella Hallihan, and Robyn Stewart for their portrayals of the March Hare, Second Alice, and the Mad Hatter, respectively.

As well, Jules Keenan received an Outstanding Actor award for playing Alice. Jasmine Jardine received Outstanding Student Director for her hard work and dedication to the entirely student-run production.
Theatre Arts 120 class
As well, the Theatre Arts class, performed The Customer is Always Wrong in the Ted Daigle Theatre. 

The cast was given its fair share of awards, including Outstanding Choice of Material, and two Special Adjudicator’s Mentions - one for Gut-Busting Laughter and the other for Ensemble Work.

Hally Ross was awarded Outstanding Supporting Actor, and Ms. Cheryl Underhill was presented with an award for an Outstanding Teacher Director.

Overall, Blackville School’s participation in the 2017 New Brunswick Drama Festival was extremely successful, and it’s safe to say that there is no shortage of show-stopping talent at the school.

Article by Veronica Pond and Paulina Sturgeon

Silver and Gold Recognitions for Blackville School at Miramichi Regional Music Festival

The Blackville School Elementary Choir
As the end of the school year draws near, the Miramichi Regional Music Festival has come and gone. It was held over the week of April 18 to the 25, but not without Blackville School receiving recognition for both of Blackville school's choir groups.

During the 2017 Miramichi Regional Music Festival,   Blackville School Elementary Choir performed two selections, and received a Silver Standard for its performance; the Blackville School Girls' Choir also performed two selections, and received a Gold Standard for its performance.

The Blackville School Girls' Choir was awarded the Gold Performance Award for overall outstanding Concert Choir, and a $100 cash award, during the Finale Concert on April 27. The Blackville School Girls' Choir was also asked, with the choral adjudicator's recommendation, to represent Miramichi at the Provincial Music Festival, held at Mount Allison University in June. A recording of their performance has been sent to be adjudicated accordingly.
The Blackville School Senior Girls' Choir

The success of both choral groups can be attributed to both the hard work and dedication of the choir members, and the talent and direction from Blackville School's devoted music teacher, Ms. Frenette, who has led Blackville's choir groups to success and recognition for many years, and has gained Blackville's music program a very esteemed reputation.

As this is her last year at Blackville School, this year's choir performances are sure to be the best they've ever been.

The members of both choirs and Ms. Frenette are all very busy preparing and practicing for the annual Choir and Band Spring Concert, which is scheduled to be held on Tuesday, May 30, 2017 at 7 pm in the school cafeteria. Both choirs are to perform a selection of pieces.

It is obvious that Blackville School has amazingly talented choir members, and a very inspiring and dedicated music teacher; all of these students should find success in all of their future musical pursuits.

Article by Paulina Sturgeon and Veronica Pond

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Students Participate in Computer Coding Arcade

Grade 4M participated in a computer coding arcade for grades 4-6 at Planet Hatch in Fredericton on May 3.

All of the students prepared computer programming projects with "Scratch" online. Scratch is a computer programming site for kids where they can create their own games and animations while learning about computer programming.

The students' reactions to the program were overwhelmingly positive, and they were all very enthusiastic to show off the hard work they put into their games.

It's obvious that the program taught the students a lot about programming and coding, but also about problem-solving, creativity and expressing themselves.

Four of the students were chosen to be interviewed about their games and experiences with their coding program. These are their responses:

Travis Manderville
What is your favourite thing about programming your own game?
Learning how to code my own game.
What did you learn while making your own game?
Where everything is in the code.
What is your game about?
Do you think it's important for others to learn about programming?
Emma Madore
What is your favourite thing about programming your own game?
Getting to learn programming.
What did you learn while making your own game?
How to code a game.
What is your game about?
A fish that goes backwards.
Do you think it's important for others to learn about programming?
 Tally Luce
What is your favourite thing about programming your own game?
Getting to do it with my friends.
What did you learn while making your own game?
How to code my own game.
What is your game about?
A dog catching a bone.
Do you think it's important for others to learn about programming?
Brandon Hernandez
What is your favourite thing about programming your own game?
Knowing that you can make anything you want.
What did you learn while making your own game?
That it's really hard. There were parts even at the end that were difficult.
What is your game about?
It's an animation about Star Wars.
Do you think it's important for others to learn about programming?

Article by Veronica Pond and Paulina Sturgeon
Photos by Ms. Keenan, Veronica Pond and Paulina Sturgeon