Thursday, October 29, 2015

Halloween Colouring Contest Winners

2016 Graduation Committee Receives $500 Cheque

(l-r) Lin Alison, Reilly Luce, Calvin Furlong, Carla Alison
The Blackville High School Graduation Committee recently received a cheque for $500.00 from the Dungarvon ATV Club.

This money will be used for the 2016 Safe Grad activities.

Photo by Jules Keenan

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

People's Picks (Oct. 26 - 30)

Student of the week is Jordan Curtis. She is a hard working student, and she does her best. Her favourite TV show is Jesse. She loves cucumbers and her favourite sport is soccer.

Teacher of the week is Mrs. Curtis. She is an amazing teacher and is loved by many of the students here at Blackville school. Mrs. Curtis is always there for her students and willing to help. Mrs. Curtis's favourite sport is hockey, and she loves pizza. Her favourite show is Love It or List It.

Staff member of the week is Ms. P. Underhill. Miss Underhill is a hard working vice principal and teacher. She is loved by many of the staff and students. Miss Underhill's favourite TV show is Heartland. Her favourite food is chocolate, and she likes walking.

Photos and articles by Philip Underhill & Jacob Donahue

Human Vs. Zombies

Fifty high school students from Blackville School attended the Humans Vs. Zombies event on October 23, 2015.

This was a new activity organized for Halloween by the High School Student Council. The activity was held in the school with most of the lights turned out.

Humans Vs Zombies is a game where there are some zombies that try to get the humans and once you are “bitten” you will automatically turn into a zombie. If you throw a sock you can “stun” the zombie which gives you time to escape.

Money raised from the event will be used by the High School Student Council.

By DeAnna Donovan

Monday, October 26, 2015

School's In Podcast for October 23, 2015

Hosts Brooke Underhill and Dylan Keenan share news from Blackville School for the week of October 23, 2015. School's In podcast can be heard on Life Radio on Friday evenings.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Athletes of the Week (Oct. 19-23)

The High School female athlete of the week is Tori Sullivan. She was chosen for her very good offence game in the past couple of games. Tori was very excited to be named athlete of the week seeing as she is only in grade 9. 
The High School male athlete of the week is Jonah Peterson. He was chosen for his very hard defence game all season long. He gives 110% game in and game out. Jonah was very pleased to receive this honour.

Photos and articles by Connor Duffy and Jared Vickers

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Wrestler Speaks to Students at Blackville School

(L-R) Blackville students Macaully Gillespie, Jaden Vickers,
Tessa Coughlan and Wrestler Devin Chittick.
Wrestler Devin Chittick visited Blackville School on October 2 to speak to elementary and middle students about the negative effects of bullying and also about the dangers of drugs and alcohol.

Chittick told the students he was adopted at 6 months old because his birth mother suffered from Alzheimer's disease and couldn't take care of him.

His passion in life was wrestling. Chittick wanted to go to wrestling school as a child, but his family couldn't afford it.

When he turned 12 he started getting bullied a lot and the other kids would wrap him up in a towel, throw him on the ground and kick him. When he got into his later teens he turned to alcohol due to the stress of being bullied everyday.

Aside from speaking to students about bullying and the dangers of drugs and alcohol, he is a promoter of Maritime Stars of Wrestling (Mainstream Wrestling Entertainment). For more photos from the event, click here.

Article by: Amelia Underhill and DeAnna Donovan.
Photos by: Jules Keenan and Wyatt Vickers.

Local Student Returns from Washington Trip

Darian Hetherington recently returned from his trip to Washington DC. He was invited by the Burn Camp Association to attend the International Association of Fire Fighters Charitable Foundation's International Burn Camp.    

Hetherington is a grade nine student from Blackville School. His trip gave him the opportunity to talk to other people who have had burn injuries. 

Darian got involved with the burn camp association after a fire-related accident. When Darian was five years old, he and his cousin were playing and he fell into a fire pit. Because of the accident, Darian had to repeat kindergarten because he missed so much school time.
Darian (second from left) with other conference participants.
Darian described the trip experience as great. His favourite part was meeting all of the people from different provinces. He said that he still keeps in touch with most of the people that he met there. 

While on the trip, Darian found learning about the monuments and history of very interesting.

Submitted photo
Article by DeAnna Donovan 

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

People's Picks (Oct. 19-23)

Student of the week is Cassidy Brennan. She is a hard working student who tries her best. Her favourite food is pizza, and she loves the summer.  Cassidy is currently a grade 11 student from Blackville.

 Teacher of the week is Mr. Johnston.  He is originally from Sunny Corner but currently lives in Doaktown. In his words "Go, Cobras." Mr. Johnston's favourite season is fall, and he loves anything with curry. His favourite book is Barney's Version by Mordecai Richler.

Staff member of the week is Loretta Gorbett. She is loved by the students here at Blackville. She has a great sense of humour. Her favourite food is pizza, and she loves the summer. She is from Blackville and her favourite show is Vampire Diaries.

Photos and article by Philip Underhill & Jacob Donahue

Friday, October 16, 2015

School's In Podcast for October 16, 2015

Hosts Brooke Underhill and Dylan Keenan share news from Blackville School for the week of October 16, 2015. School's In podcast can be heard on Life Radio on Friday evenings.

People's Picks (Oct 12-16)

Student off the week is Amber Walls. Amber is a hard working student who tries her best in class. She is also respectful to teachers and fellow students.

 Teacher of the week is Ms. Duffy.  She works great with all of her students and is a respected teacher. She would like to thank all of her friends, family and students for being selected as teacher of the week. 

Staff member of the week is Ms. Breau. She is a great guidance counsellor and helps all students to the best of her ability. She is well liked by the students here at Blackville School. 

Complied by Calvin Furlong and Jacob Donahue 

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Election Special: Local Candidates Respond

With less than a week left until Canadians vote in the 2015 Federal Election, some of the local candidates responded to some questions. All four candidates for the Miramichi-Grand Lake Riding were invited to respond. Below are answers we received from two candidates: Matthew Ian Clark from the Green party and Pat Finnigan from the Liberal Party.

UPDATE (October 15, 2015): Responses have been added from Conservative candidate Tilly O'Neill-Gordon. 
Matthew Ian Clark, Green Party

Why do you think voters should consider voting for you? What do you think makes you worthy of their vote?

Matthew Ian Clark (Green): First and foremost, the Green Party does politics differently. The is no party "whip" in the Green Party to tell Green MPs how to vote in the house of commons. When you look at the Green candidates across Canada you will not find a single “career politician.” Green candidates are regular people like you who just want to make a real difference and represent the values and interests of their constituents. When a Green MP goes to Ottawa, we tell the house of commons what the people who elected us want us to do for them, rather than coming back to our riding to tell the voters what Ottawa has decided they are prepared to do. A vote for me would be a vote for what you want rather than what others think you should want.

Pat Finnigan, Liberal Party 
Pat Finnigan (Liberal): I’m a small business owner and I've always tried to make a difference in my community. Most people know me as "Mr. Tomato". With our family business, we're currently employing 40 people in three locations. I've been supported my whole life by this community and now I'm looking to give back. I'm a proud Liberal because our plan will support small and medium sized business and invest now in creating jobs and supporting families. This will allow our young people to stay and work here in the region.

Tilly O'Neill-Gordon, Conservative
Tilly O'Neill-Gordon (Conservative):  As you know, people of all ages, including students, are tired of hearing promises upon promises from politicians but they rarely see these promises fulfilled.  As some of you know, I’m a retired teacher and I’m not your typical politician type.  I’m just a local girl who really wants to see our region prosper.

So, when I ran for office, that is really the only promise I could make to the people of this riding.  I wanted to see jobs coming to this area.  I wanted to see prosperity and growth in all areas of this riding and this is what I set out to do.

Furthermore, as life is so much more expensive than it was 20 years ago, the jobs that I needed to create would have to be good paying  jobs where people could actually build a future.  I kept my promises and with the help of my colleagues in Ottawa, I was able to create 550 high paying government jobs for our riding with the added Federal Payroll Center. I was also able to create over 300 jobs in the forest industry and summer student jobs in the value of $2,800,000 since I have been your Member of Parliament.   These are promises made and are promises kept! Please click on this link to see my Report card of the accomplishments I’ve successfully completed and determine for yourself how strong my commitment to you, the constituents has and will be:
That’s an A+ Report Card! Proven hard work, I kept my word!  The reason why I am seeking re-election is that, although my team and I created all these jobs and investments, we feel there are many more opportunities for job growth and I want to finish the work I started.  I hope voters will remember that I kept my word and honour me with their support again.

New Brunswick is a province that continually sees younger people leaving for other opportunities. If you were elected, what would you do in this riding to address that issue?

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Thanksgiving Colouring Contest Winners

School's In Podcast for October 7, 2015

Hosts Brooke Underhill and  Dylan Keenan share news from Blackville School for October 07, 2015. School's In podcast can be heard on Life Radio on Friday evenings.  

People's Picks (Oct 5- 9)

Student of the Week is Samuel Brennan.  Sam is a hard
working student who tries his best in all of his classes.  He is also 
respectful and nice to all of his teachers and peers.  

Teacher of the Week is Mr. Norton.  Mr. Norton is a great all around teacher who is loved by all his students. He is also known for having a meter stick by his side at all times.

Staff of the week is Brent Wilson.  Brent is a janitor at Blackville School and works hard to keep our school clean.  He is also very polite and funny with students.

Compiled by Jacob Donahue and Calvin Furlong

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

High School Students Hold Pep-Rally

Blackville School had their annual pep-rally for the senior boy's first home game of the year against CNBA. The rally was held on October 1. Riley Keenan started the game off with three goals and followed with singles from Jonah Peterson and Wyatt Vickers, the boy's won with the final score of 5-1.

Brooke Underhill, the President of Student council, said, " I think that the pep rally went really well. I was really impressed by the students' participation. It was a great way to pump everyone up for the boys' soccer game after school. I can't wait for more chances to do different things this year, as it creates memories that we can take with us when we leave Blackville School."

Students found the pep-rally was very entertaining and most if not all of the students participated in the fun activities, such as Human Foosball. At the beginning of the rally, Amelia Underhill sang  O Canada and then the rest of the high school joined in.

Many of the students all agreed that the pep-rally was a great way to start off the year and get the students involved and excited for upcoming events. To see photos from the event, click here.

Article by: DeAnna Donovan
Video by: Marc Munn and Sydney Grattan
Photos by: Laura Jardine, Jules Keenan and Michael Waugh

High School Athletes Of The Week

The male athlete of the week is Riley Keenan. Riley Keenan was chosen because of his strong work ethic, and how he is always hungry for the ball. Riley never misses a practice and he is always giving 100 percent out on the field. When Riley was asked how he felt by getting athlete of the week, he said, "It is a really big honour getting this notice from my coach".

The female athlete of the week is Jaime Vickers. Jaime Vickers was chosen because of her scoring ability at the start of the season. Also for her hard working and "never quit" attitude. In her response for being recognized as female athlete of the week she said "She was mint." 

Monday, October 5, 2015

School's In Podcast for October 02, 2015

Hosts Brooke Underhill and  Dylan Keenan share news from Blackville School for the week of October 02, 2015.  School's In podcast will be heard on Life Radio on Friday evenings.  

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Students participate in Terry Fox 35th Annual Run

Denver Hogan (yellow shirt in center)
 with some other elementary students
The Blackville Elementary and Middle school classes participated in the 35th annual Terry Fox run on September 29. 

Just as they started walking it began to rain and some of the students started to complain and figured they should stop walking. As they were complaining, one student from Mrs. Manderville's grade 4 class, Denver Hogan, spoke up and said, "Terry didn't stop walking in the rain."

Denver was asked about the comment he made to some of the other students. "I just said it because I knew it was true." "I know that Terry tried to run across Canada and never gave up and he was very brave."

The Terry Fox run is something that the Blackville students participate annually to remember Terry Fox, his journey and his bravery. For more information about the Terry Fox Foundation, click here.

Article by: DeAnna Donovan and Amelia Underhill
Photo by: Calvin Furlong