Friday, June 21, 2019

44 Students Celebrate High School Graduation

Forty-four grade 12 students crossed the stage at Blackville School on Thursday evening to receive their high school diplomas.

The valedictorian was Maggie Jardine and the salutatorian was Micah Lynch. Father Gerry Laskey gave the invocation and John Stewart did the benediction.

Superintendent Mark Donovan and Blackville School Principal Rodney Buggie addressed the staff, graduates and their guests.

Later that evening after the graduation ceremony, the graduates had their all night Safe Grad event at the school. For more photos, click here.     

Photos by Jordan Pinder
Video by Maggie Jardine

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Last Week Activities Include Recognitions and Literacy on the Lawn

Students in Elementary and Middle School received various awards and recognitions during last week activities on Tuesday.

Elementary students also had "80s Dress Up Day" and spent some time enjoying the nice weather while reading as they participated in "Literacy on the Lawn."

To see photos from the different events, click here.
Photos by Angela Moody

Monday, June 17, 2019

Blackville School Prom 2019

The prom for the Blackville School 2019 graduates and their guests was on Saturday, June 15.

The graduation ceremony is this Thursday evening, June 20.

For more photos from prom day, click here.

Photos by Laura Jardine

Grade 8 Spring Banquet and Dance

Jaden Vickers receives a recognition certificate
from Principal Rodney Buggie.
The grade 8 spring banquet was held at Blackville School last Thursday evening, June 13. 

It was a fun filled evening with presentations of “The Grade 8 Fun Awards," and a meal of pizza and garlic fingers.

Each grade 8 student invited two guests and Middle School and administrative staff were also in attendance.
After the meal, the students celebrated the rest of the evening with their final Middle School dance.
To see more photos from the banquet, click here

Friday, June 14, 2019

A Variety of Talent at Second Annual Coffeehouse

It was an evening of music, dance and even martial arts at the Blackville School's Second Annual Coffeehouse Variety Show on Wednesday evening.

Jayda MacDonald and Chloe Hambrook were the Masters of Ceremonies and the audience was entertained with a wide variety of musical talent including the Elementary Choir directed by Mrs. Lori-Anne Curtis. Danica Mullin performed "Riptide" by Vance Joy which was followed by Jayda MacDonald's rendition of "Rise Up" by Andrea Day.

Drea Hallihan entertained the crowd with Sam Smith's "Dancing with a Stranger" followed by Amber Walls and Amy Walls performing Kenny Chesney's "Get Along."

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Grade 5 Students Celebrate with Graduation Banquet

Grade 5 students celebrated the end of their elementary years with a spring banquet on Monday evening, June 10.

Students Randi Jo Sturgeon, Kyler Sturgeon and Bree Hallihan introduced each of the grade 5 graduates. The introductions included each student's interest and favourite school subjects.

Principal Mr Buggie addressed the crowd and Educational Assistant Colleen McLaughlin led everyone in prayer before the meal.

After the meal and a slideshow feature, Mr Buggie and Vice-Principal Angela Moody presented the awards with help from teachers Mrs. Curtis and Ms. Trevors.

Included in the awards were some special awards and Bronze B recognitions. Bree Hallihan and Ashton Jardine received "Polite and Respectful" certificates, Ayden Munn received "Most Improved," "Music Student" went to Danica Mullin and Sophie Munn received the "Ron Pauley Award."

Bronze "B" Awards went to Sophie Munn, Bree Hallihan, Danica Mullin and Jace Jardine.

Near the end of the banquet, the students presented a musical performance with a song called "Dungarvon Road" to the tune of "Copperhead Road" by Steve Earl.

For more photos, click here.

Thursday, June 6, 2019

Students Recognized for Participation in Exchange

Jurina Stannius and Lena Weiler receive certificates for
participation in exchange
German exchange students Lena Weiler and Jurina Stannius were recognized for their participation in the New Brunswick International Student program.

The grade 11 students have participated in a year long exchange to Blackville School, where they were introduced to the life of a rural Canadian.

They were able to experience all sorts of cultural differences while refining their English language skills.

The girls were excited to talk about their exchange and included the things they loved and some of the challenges they had along the way.

"For me it was really difficult at first because I was from a really big town and I ended up in Blackville, so I had trouble fitting in. In the end this became the best part, because I got to know a whole different life. It helped me improve as a person and meet lots of people. Everyone here has awesome school spirit; we in Germany could learn from it." Lena said.

"I hated the winter here; it was way too long," Jurina mentioned. "But I loved going fishing in the fall and being able to go to school dance,s because we don't have those in Germany."

The staff and students at Blackville School were glad to have these students and wish them a safe trip home.

To view more pictures of the award reception click here.

Article and photos by Maggie Jardine

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Students Participate in Gardening Project

Grade 9 student Derek Gilchrist unloads mulch for new plants
Students in grade 9 were given the chance to get their hands dirty as they learned how to garden with Mrs. A. Moody.

Each week, since the snow cleared out, they have been bringing new life to the shrubbery surrounding the school by hauling up roots, putting down new soil and even new plants.

Revitalizing the shrubbery was a perfect way for Mrs. Moody to teach her Visual Arts class that art can come in many forms.

Not only have these students learned a valuable new skill, they will be able to watch their project flourish for many years to come.

To see more photos of the Visual Arts class at work click here.

Article and photos by Maggie Jardine