Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Elementary Students Participate in Quinzee Tours, Toboggan Races and Snowshoeing

Elementary students at Blackville School participated in the first ever District Winter Challenge on Wednesday, February 26.

With help from high school students in the Entrepreneurship and Outdoor Pursuits classes, the students were engaged in a number of activities including quinzee tours, toboggan races and snowshoeing.

The students had a chance to test the cardboard sleds that were designed for the District's STEAM League Winter Challenge.

The high school students also provided a hot chocolate stand during activity breaks.

To see more photos from some of the activities, click here.

Photos by Shana Jardine

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Crushing it with Cardboard: Middle School Students Participate in District's STEAM Challenge

The cardboard was flying at Blackville School last week as Middle School students tested the cardboard sleds they built for the District's STEAM League Winter Challenge.

Students had to build a single person cardboard sled, and then they raced them with the challenge to slide at least three metres. Each sled also had to have a theme.

All the Middle School students participated in this month's STEAM challenge. While the cardboard sleds were tested, the other students had some opportunities to enjoy the hill with their own sleds or the school's new toboggan.

STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics. The challenge allows students to explore these five areas as they engage in inquiry, problem solving, collaboration and critical thinking.

High School students in the OutDoor Pursuits class are also participating in the challenge. To find out more about the District challenge, click here. 

To see more photos from the sliding event at Blackville School, click here

Photos by Jorja Donovan and Dakota Curtis