Wednesday, October 27, 2021

High School Student of the Week

Grade 10 student Jaxon Jardine is the High School Student of the Week for October 25 to 31. Jaxon was nominated by Mr. Norton.

Mr. Norton nominated Jaxon for his "excellent performance in Math 10."

The other students nominated are Brayden Duffy, Kyleigh Underhill, Emma Byl, Abigail McEvoy, Curtis Duffy and Madison Jardine.

Congratulations to Jaxon and the other nominees.

Tuesday, October 26, 2021

High School Student of the Week

Grade 10 student Jerrica Manderville is the High School Student of the Week for October 18-22. Jerrica was nominated by Ms. C. Underhill, Mr. N. Norton and Mr. A. Hallihan.

Ms. C. Underhill said "Jerrica is an outstanding student who is a pleasure to have in class," while Mr. Norton said he nominated her for her "excellent work in both Math 10 and Science 10." Mr. Hallihan in recognizing both her and Stephen Brophy nominated Jerrica for her "ongoing efforts with the EaglesNest podcast and renovating the new audio room."

The other students nominated are Stephen Brophy, Amy Walls, Hunter Donahue, Ana Garcia Alda and Cayden Hallihan. 

Congratulations to Jerrica and the other nominees.

Thursday, October 14, 2021

Viewpoint: Giving Thanks


High School Student of the Week

Grade 9 student Lily McEvoy is the High School Student of the Week. Lily was nominated by Ms. T Underhill.

Ms. T. Underhill said Lily was nominated because she "is a great student and works very hard during each math class."

The other students nominated are River Stewart, Jayda MacDonald, Jamie Mullin, Dakota Curtis, Hunter Donahue and Miranda Nordin.
Congratulations to Lily and the other nominees.

Winners in 2020 Remembrance Day Contest Appear in Legion Magazine

Students who were recognized in last year's Poster and Literacy Contest for Remembrance Day, sponsored by the Royal Canadian Legion, appeared in the September/October's edition of the Legion Magazine.

High School students Anna Sturgeon (2021 graduate) and grade eleven students Tyra Martin and Tara Martin received senior poster contest awards and grade 7 students Ayden Munn, Bree Hallihan and Sophie Munn also received poster contest awards.

Local Legion members presented the awards to the students, including Treasurer Pauline Underhill, President Gregory Matchett, Service Officer Peter MacGregor and First Vice Joseph Andrecheck.

Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Senior Girls Soccer Team

Name: Drea Hallihan
Nickname: Bud
Number: 2
Position: Defence
Foot: Right
Favourite Brand: Under Armour

Name: Layla Hallihan
Number: 0
Position: Keeper
Foot: Right
Favourite Brand: Nike

Name: Dakota Curtis
Nickname: Kode, Koda
Number: 3
Position: Right Striker
Foot: Right
Favourite Brand: Adidas

Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Senior Boys Soccer Team

Name: Hudson Underhill
Nickname: Huddy
Position: Center Halfback
Foot: Right
Favorite Brand: Nike

Name: Ryan Moody
Nickname: RyDWAG/Stickbug
Number: 15
Position: Sweeper
Foot: Right
Favorite Brand: Adidas

Friday, October 8, 2021

High School Student of The Week

Grade 10 student Braden Burke is the High School Student of the Week. Braden was nominated by Mr. Carter.

Mr. Carter said he nominated Braden "for being dedicated and a hard working student who puts forth his best effort every day."

The other students nominated are Kyle Maillet, Lauren Kelly, Alex Coughlan, Hayden Spagnola, Chloe Hambrook and Jamie Mullin. 
Congratulations to Braden and the other nominees.

Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Viewpoint: Favourite Summer Memories

Students and staff raise over $2500 for Terry Fox Foundation

The students and staff at Blackville School participated in the annual Terry Fox Run on September 29th.

Even though it was a nice fall day for a walk, Grade 10 students Layten Jardine and Eddy Manderville said, "I wish it would of been a little longer so we could miss more class time but we enjoyed it." High School students Brody Underhill and Joshua Gibson added, "it was a little cold."

Blackville School elementary teacher Ms. Waugh said "it is such a good cause, everyone has loved ones that have been touched by cancer or some type of disease looking for a cure. The students were very engaged. They all had their stickers on, and it was really personal."

Mr. Hallihan was asked about the challenge he and Mrs. Underhill had against each other. He said "Mrs. Underhill's Biology 112 class won the challenge by getting $352 in donations while my Environmental Science class had $130 in donations. Mrs. Underhill gave her class Timbits for winning".

The Terry Fox run is something that the Blackville students participate annually to remember Terry Fox, his journey and his bravery. All together the school raised $2548.30 for the Terry Fox Foundation. To see more photos from the event, click here.

Article by Jasmine O'Donnell

Friday, October 1, 2021

High School Student of the Week

Grade 9 student Landon Underhill is the High School Student of the Week. Landon was nominated by Principal Rodney Buggie.

Mr. Buggie said he nominated Landon "for having such a positive attitude."

The other students nominated are Abby Underhill, Gary Vautour, Layla Hallihan, Myles Curtis, Jack Curtis, Tyra Martin and Raelyn Sherrard. 
Congratulations to Landon and the other nominees.