Friday, September 28, 2018

Athletes of the Month

Middle School Girls 

Raelyn Sherrad is our Middle School Girls Athlete of the Month. She stepped up to the plate to try out for the position of goal tender for our first game.  She is rocking it, and without any prior experience!

Middle School Boys 

Austin McCormack is our Middle School Boys Athlete of the Month. Austin only started playing soccer this year and already is dominating in mid-field.

High School Girls

           Laura Colford is our High School Girls Athlete of the Month. Laura has overcome her injury last season and now she is back playing and scored in her first two games!

High School Boys

          Garett Donohue is our High School Boys Athlete of the Month. He is dedicated and always puts forth his best effort.

Students Test Catapult Prototypes

Tests can be a common activity in school. But a group of students at Blackville School were involved in a very different test this week: catapult testing.

Students who built catapults for the Catapult Challenge for the The Pumpkin Fling this Saturday at Waterford Green in Chatham did a test run at Blackville School on Thursday and Friday.

Students from participating schools will be launching pumpkins to see which goes the farthest on Saturday. The creator of the winning catapult will be awarded $750.00. There is also a chance to win the School Spirit Award, valued at $250.00.

Mr. Ashley Hallihan has organized a team with his Environmental Science class. “The students use science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) to build their own creation with lots of school spirit,” explained Hallihan.

Eagle’s Scream Talks to German Exchange Students

Hosts Christopher Underhill and Kel Vickers talk to German exchange students Lena and Jurina. They also share a news and sports update from Blackville School.

Eagle Scream is your weekly podcast from Blackville School as heard on Life Radio every Friday at 6 pm.

Tackling Childhood Obesity Requires a Comprehensive Approach

Returning from summer break always requires adjustments being made. Waking up earlier in the mornings, having to think about complex word problems rather than basking in the sun, these are changes associated with the first week of school. What is not expected is major dietary changes.

A new policy was developed over the summer that deals with the types of foods schools are allowed to serve. This ranges from cafeteria lunch lines, all the way to school-based fundraisers.

This policy states that all foods must have nutritional value, banning all unhealthy snacks and beverages. Along with this, foods like breaded chicken burgers and fries will also be removed from the menu. What has students most upset, however, is the outlaw of chocolate milk.

Thursday, September 27, 2018

Senior Girls Soccer Roster

Name: K.C. Hallihan
Position: Keeper
Number: -
Grade: 12
"You can't spell kick without K.C"
Name: Chloe Curtis
Position: Mid Field
Number: 20
Grade: 12
"Walk the walk, talk the talk, kick the ball"

Sports Update

Elementary Soccer News: The Blackville Blue elementary soccer team defeated Eel Ground at home last night with a score of 9-3. Goals scorers were Garland Manderville and Shamus Gunter with 3 each. Allison Manderville, Samuel Brennan and Nick Hallihan had one each.

Middle School Soccer News: Middle school boys suffered a loss to Max Aitken last night, the score being 9-1. Roman Stewart scoring the only goal.

High School Soccer News: 
High school boys played Saturday, defeating Dalhousie 8-2. Scoring, Peyton Gillespie with 4 goals, Preston Gillespie and Drake Donovan with 2. The boys also played Monday night, coming out victorious against CNBA with a score of 3-0. Scoring for the Eagles were, Peyton Gillespie, Denver Donovan and Drake Donovan with 1 each. High school girls played two games on the weekend. The first game was a success, achieving a  3-0 victory against Sugarloaf. Scoring for the Eagles were Kensen Brennan, Reese Urquart, and Laura Colford, while K.C. Hallihan secured the shut out.

In the second game the girls had a hard fought loss against Dalhousie by a score of 2-1. Scorer of the only goal was, Tori Sullivan. The girls also played Monday night in Stanley. The girls were defeated 1-0, however, they gave their all. The girls came out victorious on Wednesday, beating CNBA of a score of 5-0. Scoring for the girls were, Piper Duffy with 2, Tori Sullivan with 2, and Reese Urquart with 1.

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Senior Boys Soccer Roster

Name: Garett Donohue
Positon: Stopper
Number: 5
Grade: 12
"Love the game, love the challenge"
Name: Denver Donovan
Position: Sweeper
Number: 11
Grade: 12
"The bigger they are, the harder they fall"
Name: Peyton Gillespie 
Position: Striker 
Number: 8
Grade: 12
"Some people call it luck, 
I call it dedication"- Danny Duncan  

Sunday, September 23, 2018

Walkathon Raises Funds for Student Council Initiatives

Grade 5 students Rayanna Beach and Sophie Munn
Walkathons, are a great way to raise money for a charity, social cause and even sometimes schools. That is why Blackville School held a walkathon on September 20.

Students walked about 5 km to raise money for the high school student council. Already this year, improvements were made to the school through student council funds to make it more appealing, more functional and a little more modern.

For example, new durable and comfortable chairs were placed at regular hangout areas in the school.

Most students raised at least fifteen dollars or more and had a chance to enjoy an afternoon walk. Many students thought it was a great way to stretch their legs, as opposed to being in classes all day.

High School Student Union President Chloe Donovan felt it was well worth the effort. “Personally, I believe it was great way to bring spirit back into Blackville School for the beginning of the year,” she said.

Teacher and Student Council Advisor Tim Grattan was in charge of the walkathon. “It went well! We also raised a good sum of money for the school,” he remarked.

The event was well received with most of the students participating in the event, and many students are looking forward to the next one.

To see more photos, click here.

Article by Jenna Coulter
Photos by Maggie Jardine and Cassidy Coughlan