Thursday, October 27, 2022

High School Student of the Week

Grade 9 student Judi Dottin is the High School Student of the Week. Judi was nominated by Mr. D. Haché and Mr. A. Carter. 

Judi was nominated because "she provides valuable insight" in her English class discussions, and she is "quick to come up with valuable points of view that everyone can learn from." She also "is every engaged in BBT and makes an effort to apply her problem solving skills before she seeks help."

The other students nominated are Jack Curtis, Brennan Gunter, Lincoln Curtis and Tyra Hallihan. 

Congratulations go out to Judi and all the other nominees.

Monday, October 24, 2022

Elementary Soccer has Successful Jamboree With Two Wins

In elementary soccer action, the Blackville Eagles had a very successful jamboree on Friday. They left the field without a loss. The day finished with two wins and a tie game. 

This year's coaches were Kristen and Caleb Gillespie. The players appreciated their hard work and dedication. 

The players are reminded to wash and return their jerseys this week to Mlle. Duffy.

Friday, October 21, 2022

New Interpretive Walk a Take Me Outside Activity

Grade 11 students with Mrs. Jennifer Underhill 
at the Village of Blackville Park. 
There were many Take Me Outside activities at Blackville School this week. 

One activity included the new Interpretative Information Walk at the Village of Blackville Park.

Through the walk, the students learned new historical information about the Miramichi River. They also learned about the value of the Atlantic Salmon and the original lumber mills in the Blackville community.

The Take Me Outside Challenge is an annual event. The organization "believes in a future where spending time outside learning, playing and exploring is a regular and significant part of every student's day." 

The non-profit organization works in collaboration with other organizations, school districts and individuals to encourage children and youth to spend more time outside through various projects and initiatives.

The Anglophone North School District encourages teachers, staff and students to participate in the annual challenge.

To see more photos, click here. To learn more about The Take Me Outside Challenge, click here

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Thursday, October 20, 2022

High School Student of the Week

Grade 11 student Thomas Burns is the High School Student of the Week. Thomas was nominated by Mr. T. Grattan.

Thomas was nominated because is hard working and always willing to lend a hand when needed.

The other students nominated are Gary Vautour, Lyndsay Jardine, Lauren Kelly, Cayden Hallihan and Myles Curtis. 

Congratulations go out to Thomas and all the other nominees.

Monday, October 17, 2022

Students Participate in Farmer's Market

Ashanti, Riley and Michaela with products created
by themselves and other students at Blackville School
Three students from Ashley Hallihan's personal interest class participated in the farmer's market in Newcastle, on October 14.

Grade 12 students Michaela Theriault, Ashanti Boetang and Riley Gerrish took products that the class created to showcase and sell. 

The students sold fall and Halloween keychains, Halloween buttons and magnets. They also sold custom cutting boards. 

Michaela said, "the market was a great learning experience, and it had a great outcome."

By Hailey Coughlan

Thursday, October 13, 2022

High School Student of the Week

Grade 12 student Joshua Mercer is the High School Student of the Week. Josh was nominated by Mr. A. Hallihan and Mr. A. Carter. 

Josh was nominated because he has taken an interest in Environmental Science with his work in hydroponics and clearing the trails for the "Outdoor Classroom." He also has been consistently engaged in the novel study unit in English class. 

The other students nominated are Payton Jardine, Brayden Duffy, Braden Burke and Lexie Sobey. 

Congratulations go out to Josh and all the other nominees.

Friday, October 7, 2022

Thanksgiving Elementary Colouring Contest Winners

Senior Boys Soccer Team Interview


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An Interview With Three International Students


High School Student of the Week

Grade 10 student Lily McEvoy is the High School Student of the Week. Lily was nominated by Mrs. C.  Underhill. 

Lily was nominated because she "is an amazingly conscientious student who is a pleasure to teach."

The other students nominated are Fernanda Cervino Paro, Logan Aston and Lily Eberhardt.

Congratulations go out to Lily and all the other nominees.