Friday, November 29, 2019

People's Picks - November 25

This week's winner of People's Picks is Grade 11 student Caleb Gillespie.

Caleb was chosen by both Mr. Norton, his homeroom teacher, and Mr. Hallihan, his Environmental Science teacher.

Mr. Norton said that despite him not teaching Caleb in any classes, he always has a great attitude and he hears from other teachers about how hard of a worker Caleb is.

Mr. Hallihan said that not only does he have all of his projects done early, but that he has finished getting his eco-points already! "He is very kind, and he is always willing to help others after he has finished his work," said Mr. Hallihan.

We interviewed Caleb after announcing his win and asked him how he felt about it: "Wow, that's nice. I wasn't expecting to win. Thanks Mr. Hallihan and Mr. Norton for choosing me, I'll make sure to keep up my good work."

This Week's Bucket Filler is Alexina Coughlan

This week's Bucket Filler is Alexina Coughlan from KW. Alexina was given this award for being kind to others, always helping out others in the classroom, and for being polite. Great job Alexina, keep up the great work.

The Hour of Code at Blackville School

Blackville School's promotional video on the 2019 Hour of Code (December 9-15). Video created by Paige Gorman. Voiceover by Aisha Jardine.

Thursday, November 28, 2019

The ELF Program at Blackville School

The ELF Program (Elementary Literacy Friends) is a charitable organization that manages a volunteer reading achievement program for struggling readers in grade two.

Students who are struggling to read at their grade level by the end of grade two can sometimes experience significant difficulty throughout the rest of their schooling years, falling further behind each year.

The ELF Program brings community volunteers, schools, and parents together to ensure children are reading at grade level by the end of the year. They currently have 580 ELF and CLEF volunteers helping students in 146 New Brunswick Schools.

Currently, Blackville School has one student from Ms. Sobey's Grade 2 class enrolled in the program and will have another individual joining the program after Christmas.

The program started at the first of November 2019 and will happen every Tuesday and Friday from 2 pm to 3 pm.

During this hour, the literacy volunteer and student will go over the material provided. They will participate in literacy games with rewards that are combined with reading interesting books and answering questions.

The students learn that developing important reading skills can be easy and fun. Volunteer Lana Cottow says she enjoys helping her student with his reading. She states that it is a wonderful program and it brings her so much joy to participate in it.

"We are so grateful to all of these volunteers who are giving their time to read with a child in their community. These children are receiving a boost in confidence and love of reading to help set them up for success throughout the rest of the school year. " The ELF Fall Newsletter.

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Sports Update November 27th

Senior boys and girls are reminded of their game today in Stanley. Girls play at 6:00 pm. Boys play at 7:30 pm.

Bucket Filler

This weeks Bucket Filler was awarded to Milia Hallihan. Milia was given this award for always being kind and polite to others, she loves to help out her teacher and peers, Great job Milia, keep up the awesome work!

Thursday, November 21, 2019

People's Picks - November 18th

This week's edition of People's Picks focused on Grade 10 students - more specifically one of the hardest working grade 10 student. Jaiden Betts was chosen as this week's winner by Mr. Carter, his homeroom and Broad Based Technology teacher. Mr. Carter chose Jaiden because Jaiden works hard and always finishes his work in a timely manner. "Jaiden is the furthest ahead in the BBT Units, and he still so far has managed to keep solid marks throughout."

When asked how he felt about the win, Jaiden said, "It feels lovely to be picked... I'm honoured to be chosen out of every student in Grade 10 and thank you Mr. Carter for picking me. I will try to continue to keep up my good work." Congratulations, Jaiden!

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Blackville Buzz: A Conversation with Daniel MacVicar

Daniel MacVicar with Chief Dwain Hallihan
at the 2019 
Blackville School 
Remembrance Day Ceremony.
A conversation with Daniel MacVicar a grade 12 student from Blackville School who is a volunteer firefighter with the Renous Fire Department.

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

This Week's Bucket Filler

This week's Bucket Filler of the Week is Max McCorrmick from 3/4M. Max is a great worker. He looks out for his peers, and he is always helpful! Awesome job, and keep up the great work Max!

Friday, November 8, 2019

Podcast Feature: Remembrance Day Ceremony 2019

Principal Rodney Buggie with Cpl. Crabbe's daughter,
Geneva Curto and granddaughter, Andrea Bell.
The Blackville Buzz compiled a podcast from this week's Remembrance Day Ceremony at Blackville School. The podcast contains information about the plaque presentation in honour of Cpl. Victor Charles Crabbe who was a member of the North Shore Regiment and was with C Company in Normandy on D-Day.  Cpl. Crabbe's granddaughter Andrea Bell presented background information about Cpl. Crabbe. Listen to her presentation in the podcast.

The Blackville Buzz Crew are Avery Hallihan, Ronan Sherrard and Sarah Vanderbeck. 
Photo by Aisha Jardine

Thursday, November 7, 2019

People's Picks - November 4

This week's edition of People's Picks focused on Middle School teachers.

After sending around a survey, middle school students voted Mrs. Davidson as their favourite teacher. Students said that Mrs. Davidson's Language Arts class is both fun and educational.

After Mrs. Davidson's win was announced, we interviewed her to see how she felt about the victory.

"Wow! That's great! I love my job, it's the best job in the world! The best part? Everyday is a brand new day and my students always make my days worth while. I love seeing them grow up and change," she said.

Mrs. Davidson won with 37 votes, which was 41% of the entire middle school population. Congratulations, Mrs. Davidson! All of the students love you!

Remembrance Day Ceremony 2019

Monday, November 4, 2019

Bucket Filler of the Week

This week's Bucket Filler of the week is Brooklyn Newman from 3/4 H. Brooklyn was given this award for always being helpful, kind and a great worker.  Good job Brooklyn, keep up the great work!

Viewpoint: Halloween

Blackville Buzz Interviews Dancers Abby Keenan and Anna Sturgeon

The Blackville Buzz Crew interview Abby Keenan and Anna Sturgeon who attended the Dance World Cup in Portugal in July 2019. The Blackville Buzz Crew is Ronan Sherrard, Avery Hallihan and Sarah Vanderbeck.

Abby Keenan and Anna Sturgeon
at Thunderstruck Dance Competition
in May 2019.

Anna Sturgeon and Abby Keenan pictured on the world stage
during their contemporary group dance with their six other East
Coast team mates from Miramichi and Saint John New Brunswick

Friday, November 1, 2019

Students and Staff Celebrate Walk-a-thon Efforts

This year's Walk-a-thon turned out to be one of the most successful. With over $4500 raised, the school will now be able to fund a variety of clubs and sports teams for the entire year. Students were required to raise a total of $15 to participate, however most ended up raising a lot more.

The elementary raised most money raised per person, with an average of $33.75 per student. Homeroom 1L raised the most of all the elementary classes.

The middle school had an average of $19.82 per student with homeroom 8C raising the most money in the middle school classes.

High school raised approximately $15.25 per student and Mrs. J. Underhill's Grade 9 homeroom raised the highest amount of all the high school.

The highest raising classes of each level will receive a pizza party for their accomplishments.

The walk occurred on October 10th and over 200 students participated in it. Photos taken on the walk are posted here.

On Friday of last week, October 25, a presentation was held in the gymnasium praising the students for their fundraising efforts and announcing the total amount raised. Two lucky students got to throw a pie in the faces of the administration. Kindergarten student Kenton Arbeau got to cover Mr. Buggie's face in whipped cream, and lucky Grade 8 student Destiny McCormack took care of Mrs. Moody. Photos from the presentation are posted here.

KD Cup: New Elementary Soccer Tradition

The elementary soccer teams at Blackville School started a new tradition on October 21.

The teams competed for the the KD Cup that was made in honour of Hockeyville. The Tom Donovan Arena in Renous was this year's winner of Kraft Hockeyville.

It was a hard fought battle between BHS 1 and BHS 2 elementary teams, and all the K-5 students were out on the sidelines cheering on their favourite team.

The final outcome of the game ended in a tie 5-5. It was the grade five players final game of elementary soccer, so those players from both teams got to hoist the KD Cup.

Click here to see a video from the event and click here to see more photos.

Halloween Elementary Colouring Contest Winners