Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Blackville Students Recognized at French Oratory Contest

Cameron Hambrook, Cassandra Waugh,
Ashlyn Moody and Stephanie Hayne.
(Photo by Michaella Vickers)
Four students from Blackville School were recognized in their respective grade levels at the French Oratory Contest in Bathurst on April 17.
Stephanie Hayne placed third in Grade 7 Post-Intensive French. Cameron Hambrook placed first in Grade 8 Post-Intensive French. Ashlyn Moody placed first in Grade 9 Post-Intensive French and Cassandra Waugh placed first in Grades 11 and 12 Core French.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Credits and Budgets

Grade 12 students Nicole Sullivan, Marissa Donohue,
Guest Speaker Tamara Kelly, Grade 11 student Candace
Purcell and Grade 12 student Josie Coulter. 
Grade 12 and some grade 11 students from Blackville School had the opportunity to get some pointers on budgets and credit advice. Tamara Kelly, Director Of Education for Credit Counselling Services of Atlantic Canada, spoke to the students about credit, interest and budgets. For more information on Credit Counselling Services, click here.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

School Calendar Photo Contest Winners Announced

The winners for the 2013 Blackville School Calendar Photo Contest have been decided by an independent and impartial judge.

For the elementary level, Grades 3H and 4D won for their month of March and St Patrick's Day. An honourable mention went to the kindergarten classes.

For the middle school level, the winners are Grades 7D and 7W for the month of June and their celebration of school being out for the summer. An honourable mention went to Grades 6F and 6M.

Finally, for the high school level, the winners are Grades 9T and 9U for their month of December and celebrating the holiday.

Grades 3H and 4D, Grades 7D and 7W and Grades 9T and 9U will each have the choice of either a pizza or ice-cream party.

Congratulations to the winners and those classes who received honourable mentions. The school has received a lot of positive feedback on the 2013 calendar and special thanks to every class for helping to make it a success.

A big thank you also goes out to photographer Melanie Keenan for taking the time to judge the contest.