Thursday, June 20, 2024

Middle School Awards Day 2024

The Middle School students and their families celebrated recognitions and awards on Thursday, June 20 at Blackville School.

Good Attendance Awards, for students who missed three days or less throughout the school year, went to Grade 6 student Sofie Gilks and Grade 7 student Avery Korobko. 

Ty Coughlan was recognized for Perfect Attendance in April. Ayden Crocker took Perfect Attendance for May and Rhyder Losier was recognized for June. 

Positivity Awards were awarded to students who displayed a positive attitude towards school, their classmates and any situations they faced. These awards went to Grade 6 students Hunter Linkletter and Kendra O'Keefe. The grade 7 student was Abigail Jones and grade 8 students were Riley Mullin and Cheyanne Donahue. 

Outstanding Scholar Awards were presented to grade 6 students Aiden Crocker, Riley Kern, Hunter Linkletter and Kendra O'Keefe. The grade 7 students were Kalainy Jardine, Taylor Kern, Nicole Miller and Kate Sturgeon. The grade 8 students were Allie Hallihan, Ellie Jardine, Riley Mullin and Chase Storey.

The Most Improved Middle School Student went to grade 8 student Mya Underhill. Grade 8 student Riley Mullin received The Ron Pauly Award. This award is presented to a student who displays a good attitude toward school, always does their best and are willing to help others in and out of the classroom. 

Middle School Athlete of the Year is Samuel Brennan and the Middle School Female Athlete of the Year went to both Lainey Hallihan and Allie Hallihan. The Middle School Student of the Year Award went to both Ellie Jardine and Allie Hallihan.

Allie Hallihan and Riley Mullin received the Silver B Award in recognition of grade 8 students who maintained a strong academic standing throughout all three years of Middle School.

There were also other recognitions and awards presented. Click here to see more photos and the other recognitions.