Thursday, March 19, 2015

Middle School Students of the Month (February)

K.C Hallihan 8M
K.C is a hard working student who shows leadership.
She is very thoughtful and shows lots of respect for others.
K.C takes a huge role in organizing and taking control of fundraising for her class!

Devon Underhill 8M
Devon is a hard working student with solid academic achievement.
He is respectful to others and his teachers; he is also very kind and helpful.
Devon always has a story to put a smile on someone's face!

Jayna Brennan 7W
Jayna is a hard working student.
She has displayed academic achievement and shows leadership skills!

Daniel MacVicar 7M
Daniel is a hard working student and has a super attitude.
He shows respect for others and has great leadership skills! 

Jacob Bell 6D
Jacob is a hard working student who shows respect for others.
He has displayed great academic achievement! 

Compiled by Ashton O'Donnell
Photos by Kailey Donovan