Friday, November 19, 2010

A whale of a time

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Captain Art Gaetan and first mate Spencer Houston, from Oceans Wild came to Blackville School on November 17. They delivered a presentation about what they do, how they do it, and they also informed the students about the negative impact humankind is having on the ocean, and how we can prevent it.
Filled with passion and dedication to what they do, the presentation really hit home for many of the students. The information they provided gave a reality check to the student body about what is happening in the world surrounding us, and how so many of the small decisions we make impact us so greatly.
Gaetan and Houston had excellent display tables with many artifacts, fossils and life size replicas of sharks, whales and fish. All the demonstrations were presented with real life artifacts from his life experiences as a shark fisher. In the words of Captain Art Gaetan, “our generation will not be affected, nor will our children, but our grandchildren will be affected by our decisions and actions due to the rapid increase in global warming.”
The event was sponsored by the Blackville Home and School Association. For more information on Oceans Wild, click here.
Front Row (left to right)- Mackenzie Fournier, Jade Underhill, Robyn Stewart, Braxton Stafford, Jacob Donahue, Captain Art Gaetan and Riley Donovan (First mate Spencer Houston in background)
Article by Jessica McIntyre and photo by Krista Sherrard