Friday, June 17, 2011

Twilight star visits Blackville School

Students at Blackville School received quite a surprise when Canadian actor and Twilight star Cameron Bright visited the school on Friday, June 16.

Accompanied by local MLA Jake Stewart, Bright was in Miramichi with his grandmother Pauline Keenan. Keenan lives in Ontario and was home visiting as she grew up in the Blackville area (Howard Road).

Bright received quite a reception as students gathered for well over an hour to receive his autograph and take photos.

Bright plays the character Alec in the Twilight Saga, appearing in New Moon, Eclipse, and the new movie Breaking Dawn – Part 2 to be released next year. Fans can also keep an eye out for Bright in the film Little Glory that is currently in post-production.

In photo: Blackville students Laura Sturgeon, Jade Underhill, Kailey Donovan and Brittany Hennessy with Canadian actor Cameron Bright who visited the school on Friday, June 16