Friday, June 12, 2015

Grade 5 and 8 Students Celebrate at Banquets

Grade 8 students pose for the camera
at the end of their banquet on June 11.
Both grade 5 and 8 students at Blackville School attended separate banquets on June 9 and 11 respectively.

The grade 5 students were celebrating their completion of upper elementary, while the grade 8 students were recognized for their completion of middle school.

At both events, students received awards and recognition and enjoyed a meal with their families.

The grade 5 students viewed slide shows of the students through their earlier school years and a slide show of all the fun activities they took part in this year.

The students performed a dance to the song "Uptown Funk". Awards were given for top students in academic subjects, as well as Peer Helpers, Bucket Fillers and other areas of strength.

Grade 5 students attended a year-end
banquet to celebrate the completion of
upper elementary on June 9. 
The grade 8 students celebrated their middle school years and academic achievements. The students also received peer awards that were
voted on by the grade 8 students themselves.

The elementary and middle school staff thanked everyone for coming and also thanked high school students from next year's graduation class who served the meal.

Special thanks also went to Andrea Donahue for decorating the cafeteria for the event and the elaborate balloon decorations were made by Annie Simoneau, mother of Grade 5 student Kendra Simoneau.

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Photos by Jules Keenan