Monday, February 22, 2016

Michael Waugh Added to the Saint John Sea Dogs

Michael Waugh will be graduating
from Blackville School this June
The Saint John Sea Dogs has added defenceman Michael Waugh to their team's 55-player protected list. Waugh is a senior at Blackville School.

Waugh is the captain of the Miramichi Rivermen, which is part of the NB/PEI Major Midget League, and he will stay with the Rivermen for the rest of this season.

Waugh recently answered some questions for The Blackville Talon about the news:

How did you find out the news?
I was at a Timberwolves practice when I got a phone call. I didn't believe it was the General Manager of the Sea Dogs, but thought it was one of my friends (playing a prank).

How did you feel? What were you thinking?
I was really excited. I didn't think a QMJHL team would be calling me.

What does this offer mean to you as a person and as a hockey player? Why is it important to you?
This offer opens a lot of doors to keep playing a higher level of hockey and maybe even help with my education later on.

When do you start? 
The training camp is in August.

Do you have anything you need to do in preparation?
Mainly gain weight and get stronger.

What will be your plans after you graduate, given you will be playing for the Sea Dogs?
After I graduate I will continue to play hockey whether it will be in the Q or Junior A.

Article by Abby Hennessy