Friday, June 3, 2016

Blackville School Hosts Elementary District Spelling Bee

Kindergarten Winners: 1st prize Winner Nathan Robichaud
of St. Andrews and Runner Up Isak Dubois of NSEE
Grade One Winners: 1st Prize Winner Matty Lirette of
Gretna Green and Runner Up Keenan Underhill of Blackville
Blackville School hosted this year’s Championship ASD-N Elementary Spelling Bee on Thursday, May 26.

A student from each grade level came to Blackville from all over the District to compete in the Spelling Bee against their peers. 

The students had already won competitions held in their own schools, and were now competing to see who would be the ‘Grand Champion’ of their grade level.

With hard words like “cleanliness,” “contagious” and “receive,” all of the K-5 students provided an impressive display of
Grade Two Winners: Runner Up Jace Jardine of Blackville
and 1st Prize Winner Ronan Clark of Gretna Green
Grade Three Winners: Runner Up TJ Martin of Gretna Green
and 1st Prize Winner Landon Ferron McGillan of NSEE

For more photos from the event, click here.
The winners are as followed:

1st - Nathan Robichaud - St. Andrews
Runner Up - Isak Dubois - NSEE

Grade One 
1st - Matty Lirette - Gretna Green
Runner Up - Keenan Underhill - Blackville

Grade Two 
1st - Ronan Clark - Gretna Green
Runner Up - Jace Jardine - Blackville

Grade Three 
1st - Landon Ferron McGillan - NSEE
Runner Up - T.J Martin - Gretna Green

Grade Four 
1st - Ben Walsh - NSEE
Runner Up - Preston Francis - Eel Ground

Grade Five 
1st - Madison Jardine - Millerton
Runner Up - Vinny Johnson - Miramichi Rural
Grade Four Winners: 1st Prize Winner Ben Walsh of NSEE and
Runner Up Preston Francis of Eel Ground

Article and photos by Jules Keenan

Grade Five Winners: Runner Up Vinny Johnson of Miramichi
Rural and 1st Prize Winner Madison Jardine of Millerton