Friday, December 9, 2016

Getting Involved in your Community

When living in a small tight knit community there are many opportunities to get involved, especially at a young age.  Young people in today's world have the potential to accomplish great things, without even realizing it.

The future lies in the hands of our young people, which is why it is important to encourage the youth to take action and have their voices heard.

The decisions that we make today will ultimately shape the world we live in tomorrow. No matter what area sparks their interest, whether it be politics, charity work or raising awareness on a particular issue, this new generation has fresh ideas that can be brought to the table.

When people become set in their ways and used to their everyday routines, they can often become resistant to change. Not everyone believes that young people are the best people to trust with the outcome of their future, especially people of the older generation who may not be used to the new technology or way of life.

Grade eleven student Gina Keenan at Blackville School is a great example of someone who participates in community involvement. She was recently selected in RBC's Make 150 Count program. Students are given $150, to make a difference, by doing something positive in their community.

With Christmas quickly approaching, this is a great time to become more actively involved in your community and help those who are less fortunate. It is important not to let your talents go to waste, and to use them to the best of your ability.

WE Charity (Free the Children), Student Council, the Greater Blackville Resource Centre, Miramichi Big Brothers Big Sisters, The Josie Foundation, the Miramichi SPCA or even helping out a neighbour - these are just a few examples of how to get involved this holiday season.

Read more on the story about Gina Keenan by clicking here.           

By Jensen Urquhart