Friday, January 22, 2021

Teachers of the Week

Name: Arlene Waugh
Age (or what you tell people): I'll never tell!
What you teach: Kindergarten
Favourite subject to teach: All subjects (Reading)
Hobbies: Cooking
How many years teaching: 29!
Dream job: I'm doing it!
Favourite song: Love all music!
Favourite TV show/movie: Grey's Anatomy

Name: Angela Moody
Age (or what you tell people): 47
What you teach: Grade 5 Math, Resource as well as being an administrator
Favourite subject to teach: Language Arts, Math
Hobbies: Drawing, Decorating
How many years teaching: 14 years
Dream job: Own a Decor store
Favourite song: "Before You Go" Lewis Capaldi
Favourite TV show/movie: 911 and Chicago Fire