Thursday, December 23, 2021

High School Students of the Week

There are two high school students selected for Student of the Week, since they were both nominated by two different teachers.

Grade 9 student Abby Sturgeon was nominated by Mr. C. Norton and Ms. C. Underhill. Mr. Norton nominated Abby for her "strong performance in Math 10 and Science 10" and her "overall great attitude toward school." Ms. C. Underhill said, "Abby is an amazing student with an exceptional work ethic. She is a pleasure to teach."

Grade 9 student Jaclyn Gilchrist was nominated by Mrs. S. Stewart and Mrs. A. Moody. Mrs. Stewart said, "Jaclyn is a hard worker who is always kind to her classmates." Mrs. Moody said, "she is a dedicated student who puts forth an excellent effort each day. She is thoughtful towards her classmates and does not hesitate to help out in any way."

The other students nominated this week are Devon Edwards, Tessa Munn and Amber Hambrook.

Congratulations to Abby and Jaclyn and all the other nominees.