Wednesday, April 13, 2022

Tasty Cake Delights for Easter Auction

First prize cake by
Lincoln Colford

The Middle School students held a cake baking contest and auction. 

First prize winner went to grade 7 student Lincoln Colford with his rabbit, duck and mini-egg cake theme. 

Grade 7 student Ava Underhill was the second prize winner with her strawberry delight cake. 

Third prize went to grade 8 student Bree Hallihan who made a cheesecake. 

Several students signed up to create a bake a cake. 

Second prize cake
by Ava Underhill 

The proceeds from the auction of the cakes are going towards the end of year events for the middle school students.

Thirteen cakes were auctioned and the effort raised $420.00.

Third prize cake
by Bree Hallihan