Wednesday, May 29, 2024

High School Recognition Ceremony 2024

The Recognition and Awards Ceremony for high school students was held on Monday, May 27.

Blake Curtis (grade 12), Jaxon Jardine (grade 12) and Abby Underhill (grade 12) were awarded the Male and Female Athletes of the year.

Their names will later be commemorated on a new list of athletes, while the old eagles will be taken down and given to the athletes.

Jerrica Manderville (grade 12) and Jaxon Jardine (grade 12) were awarded the Outstanding Female and Male Academic and Extra Curricular Activities.

Jerrica Manderville (grade 12) was awarded the Fenton Sturgeon Memorial Award. 

This award is presented to a grade 12 student who has participated in sports through all four years of high school, with special consideration given to those who have volunteered their time to coach young athletes outside of school.

Danica Mullin was awarded the School Spirit Award. This award goes to an individual who is dedicated to school activities and events throughout the current school year.

The Family of the Year Award went to the Mullin family Todd, Sarah and their children Danica (grade 10), Riley (grade 8), Easton (grade 3) and Spencer.

The MCs for the event were Danica Mullin and Thomas Hallihan.

For more photos of the event, click here.