Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Athletes Of the Week

High School Male Athlete
Dylan Storey
 "He played a real good game against the Stanley Blue Devils, he has been working very hard in practices and his game has improved," said Coach Rodney Buggie. Dylan plays defence for the Golden Eagles and outside of school he enjoys playing many other sports.

High School Female Athlete
Kendra Underhill
 "She played exceptionally well throughout the beginning of this season, and she scored their only goal so far," said Coach Rhonda Vickers. Kendra plays striker for the Golden Eagles and outside of school she loves to hang out with her friends and play sports.

Elementry Blue Soccer Athlete
William Schofield
 "This season he has scored six goals and played very well offensively and defensively," said Coach Brandon Ryan. William's favourite position to play is center and outside of school he loves to play hockey.

Elementary Gold Soccer Athlete
Preston Gillespie
"He is a hard worker and a great team player," said Coach Holly McEvoy. Preston's favourite position to play in soccer is forward and outside of school he enjoys playing hockey and road hockey.