Thursday, September 26, 2013

People's Picks

Blackville School Staff of the Week:

Andrea Donahue was selected Blackville School's

Staff of the Week. She was chosen because of her
amazing decorating skills. She currently decorated the office with a fall season theme. Andrea is known as one of Blackville School's educational assistants. We asked Andrea what she liked best about her job. She replied saying, " My favourite part of my job is working with the students/staff and seeing the students happy".

Teacher of the Week:

Mrs. Melanie Sobey was selected as Blackville School's teacher of the week. Mrs. Sobey currently is teaching in  elementary, grade 2. She is very kind to her students. She also takes interest in her students and their work. We asked Mrs. Sobey what she likes the best about her teaching job. She told us, "What I like best about my teaching job is working with the students and getting to see their eyes light up when they learn something new". We also asked what she likes to do in her spare time and she said, "Spending time with my family and reading books."

High School Student of the Week:

High School Student of the Week is Sarah Jardine. Sarah is a student at Blackville School that is currently in grade 9. She was chosen as student of the week by Mrs. Trudy Underhill. Mrs. Underhill said, "Sarah works extra hard in class and in flex class. She also has a great personality."