Monday, November 4, 2013

People's Picks!

Student of the Week:

Student of the week for high school is Keisha Kelly. Keisha is a grade 11 student. She was chosen by not one teacher but two, Mr. Sturgeon and Mr. Grattan. Keisha always works hard, and she is very cooperative.

Teacher of the Week:

Teacher of the week is a middle school/ elementary teacher who started as a full time teacher at Blackville School just this year. Ms. McEvoy was chosen. We asked Ms. McEvoy where she studied and she said "Dalhousie University and University of Maine at Presque Isle." In her spare time she likes to read, cook, hangout with friends and family, and traveling. We also asked her what she likes best about teaching, and she said it was her students.

Staff of the Week:

Staff of the week for this week is Tammy Donovan. Tammy is known as an educational assistant at Blackville School. We asked Tammy what she likes best about her job, and she said "working with the kids and all the other educational assistants." We also asked her what she likes to do in her spare time and she told us spending time with her family and reading.