Friday, November 29, 2013

People's Picks!

Student of the Week
This week's student of the week goes out to Taylor Gillespie. Taylor is a hard working grade 12 student. She was nominated by Mr. Grattan for her hard work in her shop class.
Teacher of the Week

Teacher of the week goes out to Mrs. Trudy Underhill. We asked Mrs. Underhill what she likes best about her job and she said, "The best part of my job is the students. The students at BHS are awesome." We also asked her what she likes to do in her spare time. She said, "spending time with Hayley and Owen."

Staff of the Week
This week's staff of the week is Andrea Donohue. Andrea won staff of the week for her extra hard work helping the high school student council and the high school students with their Christmas formal. Andrea works hard during school and also after school on her own time.