Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Opinion: Longer Lunch Hour Welcomed, More Activities Required

At the beginning of this school year we were informed that we were not having a flex period anymore, and to top it all off… longer classes. The majority of us would agree that we were disappointed in this change and about the fact that it was no longer available to us.

Another change we had at the beginning of the 2014-2015 school year was that since we no longer had a flex period we now also had a longer lunch hour. This was somewhat exciting news at the start because last year we mostly complained that our 30 minute lunch was way too short. Now, that we have a 45 minute lunch we still find ourselves complaining, but about the fact that we think it’s now too long. Some enjoy the long lunch hour, and others just find that it drags on and gets boring.

To get to the point of some of our schools students, opinions on this, I decided to ask two grade 12 students what they thought about having a longer lunch hour and no flex period.

“I do not like it because I liked our flex better because it gave us time to do our homework, instead of having to go home and spend hours going home working on all the homework. Also, the lunch hour is very boring now and drags on.” –Leah Hennessy

"I like the longer lunch hour because the day goes by faster, more time to socialize and more free time. I don't like the new flex because I like doing my homework in school hours and it was relaxing." - Morgan Underhill

In my opinion there isn’t much that we can do about not having a flex period, but I think that if we did something about the lunch hour, it wouldn’t be so long and boring. For example, if we maybe did some activities or games to keep us busy for at least half of our lunch hour. I think that if we gathered students ideas we could have a fun and interesting lunch hour that could make our 2014-2015 school year fun and memorable one! 

What do you think? Do you have any ideas for lunch activities? If so, the high school student council would like to know. Stop in and visit them at lunch time in the student council office by the cafeteria. Make sure to voice your opinion on the longer lunch hour on the survey posted.

by Ashton O'Donnell