Wednesday, October 8, 2014

People's Picks (October 6-10)

Peoples Pick's Student of the Week is Laura Colford. Laura is from Blackville (Howard Road). Her favourite class is gym and enjoys spending her spare time playing soccer, which is also her favourite sport. Congratulations to Laura for being selected the student of the week!

Peoples Pick's Staff of the Week is Brent Wilson. Brent is from Blackville (Howard Road). Brent's favourite sport is baseball, and he enjoys watching it and resting in his spare time. Congratulations to Brent for being selected staff of the week!
Peoples Pick's Teacher of the Week is Mr. Mason. Mr. Mason has been teaching for 18 years and teaches Phys Ed in elementary and middle school. Mr. Mason graduated from the University of New Brunswick. Congratulations to Mr. Mason for being selected teacher of the week!
by Trent Thibodeau and Dan Wilson