Monday, December 1, 2014

Opinion: Dress Code

We all have different ways to express ourselves, whether it is with music, opinions and even our clothing. You are your own "you," and no one can change that. Except when you walk into a school and you have to follow a "dress code." Many people have different opinions on this and it is one of the most talked about topics in high school, especially with high school girls.

In my opinion, I think that dress code doesn't allow people to express who they are, but then again there is a limit and people should know where to stop because they have gone too far. I think that a dress code applies more to girls because boys don't "reveal" themselves as many girls would. Also, some people have different views. Some girls feel more comfortable in a T-shirt and jeans while other girls like to express themselves more with a low cut shirt and skirt- just because they feel comfortable in it. I also think that dress code limits what people can wear and causes girls to feel self conscious about what they wear just so they aren't revealing themselves.

There is a limit, and you should dress to show that you have respect for yourself, but you should be able to express who you are too. Some people like to express themselves by their clothing.  To get some other opinions other than mine, I asked other students what they thought of the dress code. Here is what they had to say.

Gina Keenan (9U): "I think that the dress code is stupid. It shames girls of their bodies because we're forced to conceal everything."

Leah Hennessy (12U): "My personal opinion on dress code is that yes it can suck not being able to wear certain clothes in the summer when it is hot outside when you wish that you could be wearing lighter clothes, but at the same time I don't think I would want to see girls walking around showing their three B's. I also don't think that the girls dress code is stricter than the guys."

I couldn't agree more with Gina's opinion as it echoes the view of many female students about the dress code. We should all be able to show our individuality when we want to - no matter what the situation. I think that girls seem sexualized by dress code because they are forced to wear what is "permitted" on the school property to cover themselves up. But, then again like I said there is a certain extent to what we wear at school because you don't want to be showing off things others don't want to see.

Recently high school students in Fredericton have protested high school dress codes because they want to express themselves. They want to wear what they choose and not hide their bodies and wear clothing to please others. Also, check out the side panel of the Blackville Talon and give your opinion on whether you believe in the school's dress code or not.

By Ashton O'Donnell