Thursday, December 18, 2014

Star Athletes of Blackville School for December

High School Boys: Josh Underhill

"Josh is a very good athlete, a good team leader and has great sportsmanship!" said coach Loretta Gorbett about Josh concerning his leadership, game play and attitude on and off the court. Josh has been an integral part of the High School Boys Basketball team since Grade 9 and now in Grade 11 is the starting point guard and hardly comes off the court. Josh also plays hockey and football outside of school.

High School Girls: Abby Donovan

"Abby has great work ethic and an awesome attitude," said coach Matthew Sturgeon about Abby's playing and attitude not only on the court, but off the court as well. Abby spends a fair amount of time on the court, despite only being in Grade 10. Abby looks forward to being a key figure in the basketball teams hierarchy for the remainder of her high school career. Abby also plays hockey and soccer.
Middle School Boys: Denver Donovan

When asked about Denver Donovan's efforts with the middle school basketball team, coaches Josh Underhill and Connor Duffy said that "Denver is a really hard working kid. He listens very well and is a monster around the rim." Denver is a senior player on the basketball team seeing that he is in grade 8 and is looking forward to being on the senior boys team next year when he makes the jump to high school. Denver also plays hockey, soccer and volleyball.

Middle School Girls: Tori Sullivan

"She always keeps the team motivated, and she is kind to her teammates. She is an overall great athlete!" said coach Jessica Munn. Tori is a senior member of the middle school girls basketball team seeing she is in Grade 8, and plays a major leadership role on the team for the younger players. Tori also plays soccer and hockey.

Compiled by Larissa Bryenton, Graham Manderville, and Ashley Vickers