Thursday, March 30, 2017

Elementary Students to Attend STEM Fair this Saturday

Grade 4 students Lexi Sobey and Jaclyn Gilchrist
with their "Milk to Plastic" Science Fair Project
Grade four students had their science fair projects on display at Blackville School this week. 

Four of the projects were chosen to represent Blackville School Elementary at the District STEM Fair.

The four projects will be on display this Saturday, April 1 at James M Hill for the district event. 

The judges who selected the four projects were teachers Tracey McCormack, Trudy Hallihan-Underhill, and Chris Norton along with Principal Rodney Buggie.

Grade four student Lily McEvoy titled her project "What Popcorn Brand Yields the Most?" Students Lexi Sobey and Jaclyn Gilchrist explored "How to Make Plastic From Milk" while Roman Stewart analyzed "Patterns in Family Fingerprints." The last project chosen was completed by Logan Aston on "Water Powered Elevator."

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. To see more photos of the projects from Blackville School, click here