Wednesday, March 29, 2017

iRobot? Middle School Students Design New Companions

Grade 6 Post Intensive French students recently completed a unit called "Le Robot."

Students designed and created their own original robot that could complete daily tasks for them. 

These tasks included things the student do not enjoy doing, such as cleaning and homework.
The robots could also have extra features, like record players, Wi-Fi, candy machines. Students were free to create their robot as they saw fit. 

"Each student presented their creation and explained to the class the different features the robot had and how it was built," said Ms. Paula Duffy, grade 6 French teacher. 

This week the robots were on display for a few days in the school's main office. 

The robots were completed both in class and at home and took approximately one week to complete. 

Tyra Martin designed a red robot with wings. Tara Martin's box robot sported a splashy turquoise colour while Emily Stewart's was black and yellow. 

Cayden Hallihan's robot was sheathed with tinfoil and included a chef hat...sounds like a robot designed for culinary duties.

Photos by Noah Donovan