Friday, May 18, 2018

Athletes of the Month

The Senior Boys Athletes of the Months for April and May have been awarded to Daniel Richard and Garett Donahue. Both of these boys are players on the Seniors Boys Volleyball team and play a key role in each game.
Senior Boys - Daniel Richard 
Daniel Richard is a dedicated athlete. He goes above and beyond each time a sporting season rolls around. The majority of Richards time is spent in the gym or on the field, getting better at the sports he loves to play. His determination and constant desire to improve helped him throughout the challenging volleyball season. His positive attitude and love for the sport helped his team on and off of the court. Richard's positivity transferred to the boys and helped improve the overall team's game. Whenever there is a challenge, Richard is always ready and more than prepared to rise to the occasion. Not only did Richard captain the volleyball team, but he also was a key component on the Senior Boys soccer and basketball teams this year. This final athlete of the month is a bittersweet award for Richard, as his final sporting season came to an end wearing an Eagles jersey. The blue and gold will certainly miss Richard next year.
Senior Boys - Garett Donahue

Garret Donahue is another deserving recipient of the Athlete of the Month honours. Donahue was a starter for the Senior Boys Volleyball team this season. His athletic abilities shone on the court. Donahue's hard work throughout the season helped the boys volleyball team in each and every game. His dedication and love for the sport was easily seen by all. Donahue is an all around team player and athlete. Along with his importance to the volleyball team, Donahue also laced up for the Senior Boys soccer and hockey teams this year. Donahue will enter his senior year next season, with one final run representing the Eagles.

Senior Girls Athletes of the Month have been given to Abby Donovan and Olivia Buggie. Both are Seniors on the Girls Varsity Volleyball team. Donovan and Buggie bring an abundance of athletic ability and talent every time they set foot on the court.
Senior Girls - Abby Donovan

Abby Donovan is a blocking machine. Donovan is a middle starter for the volleyball team and rightfully so. The blocks go up and Donovan shuts the opponents down. Donovan has a pure love for the sport of volleyball and has spent the last few months committing herself to her team and the sport. Spending hours upon hours on the court practicing each week can be draining for an athlete, but Donovan says there's nothing else she'd rather do. Along with her mega blocks, Donovan is also a powerhouse hitter from the middle of the court. The biggest hit of her life occurred during the game at regionals that sent our Eagles to Provincials. Donovan also played a key role in the successes of our Senior Girls soccer, basketball and hockey teams this year. As the volleyball season is closing out, Donovan has one more kick at the can to bring home a Provincial banner when her team heads to ESN for the Provincial weekend. 
Senior Girls - Olivia Buggie

Olivia Buggie shows up to play. Volleyball has been a passion of hers from a young age, and that is evidently shown each time she returns to the court. Buggie is the setter for the Varsity Girls Volleyball team. The importance of that "second ball" always sets the pace for the game, and Buggie executes herself well. Coach Jennifer Curtis has been extremely pleased with  the improvements Buggie made this season. Her setting and serving abilities have certainly set the bar high and have been a key factor in this seasons success. Buggie's leadership qualities show, as she Captains the volleyball team as well as wearing an "A" for her assistant captaining position on the first Senior Girls Hockey team. Buggie was on the Senior Girls soccer, basketball, hockey and volleyball rosters this year. Closing out her senior year, heading to Provincials is the best way to end a season. Her continuous efforts have not gone unnoticed, as Buggie received the NBIAA Raymond Legere Sportsmanship Award. 

Middle School Girls -
 Dakota Curtis 
The Middle School Girls Athlete of the Month goes to Dakota Curtis. Curtis played on the Middle School Varsity team this season. Her dedication to the sport was shown through each and every practice/game. Curtis captained the volleyball team and helped lead her team through a great season. Her leadership qualities were shown with her class and respect toward each and every teammate and opponent this season. Curtis is a strong power hitter and has a lot to bring to the table. As Curtis finishes out her final middle school season, she has her sights set on continuing her volleyball career with one of our High School Girls teams. Along with her volleyball, Curtis was a strong fullback during this year's soccer season. Her abilities were shown this season and she will continue to develop her game into her high school years.

Middle School Boys - Hudson Underhill

The Middle School Boys Athlete of the Month is Hudson Underhill. Underhill played for the Middle School Boys Varsity Volleyball team this season. His dedication to the sport was clearly shown, as Underhill never missed any chance to jump on the court. Underhill has a true talent for the game, always shutting the opponents down with his rock hard blocks and setting the tone for the game with his fast and well placed serves. His hits are also always on point, but his personal success is only for his overall team's success. Underhill sets on his team; he is a team player and plays the game for his team, not himself. His leadership abilities are shown, as he is co-captain of the team with Owen Underhill. Underhill also played for the Middle School Boys soccer and basketball teams and affiliated on the High School Boys hockey team this year. As Hudson ends out his middle school sporting career, he is excited for the challenge of high school sports and plans to bring his best game. Underhill will definitely be a great addition to next season's volleyball team.

By Marlee Schofield