Friday, April 26, 2019

World's First PowerPlay Ambassadors Receive Starfish Award

Blackville School's World's First PowerPlay Ambassadors were
awarded the Starfish Award from the Anglophone North School
Three middle school students from Blackville School were acknowledged for their significant contribution as young entrepreneurs with the Starfish Award on April 12.

Jerrica Manderville, Chloe Curtis, Jayda MacDonald and Stephan Brophy were nominated by Mr. Buggie to act as four of the World's First PowerPlay Ambassadors.

These students will be models for other young entrepreneurs in our school and district.

Through the PowerPlay program these students will be able to refine their skills in public speaking and network with entrepreneurs around the world.

This program will continue to give the students many new opportunities. On April 16, the young ambassadors were part of a video conference into a panel discussion on entrepreneurship held at UNB.

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Photos by Allan Carter
Article by Maggie Jardine