Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Maker Faire and ICE Centre Grand Opening Tomorrow

Students participating in BHS ICE courses will showcase their
creations in the Makerspace Grand Opening
The BHS ICE Centre will be hosting the grand opening of the Makerspace to the public with a Maker Faire and Market on May 22.

Invited guests and interested classes are welcome to tour the Makerspace during periods 1 and 3 to view and test its futuristic technology.

The cafeteria will transform into a Market from 1-3 pm with booths of imaginative creations from our young entrepreneurs. This will be open to the students as well as the public.

The Grand Opening will take place after school from 3-5 pm. The public is invited to come and view as well as purchase many of the creations students have worked on.

Tea, coffee and snacks will be provided by the grade 12 Culinary class for the event.

There will be several draws for prizes through the day for both the students and community thanks to the event sponsors.

Article by Maggie Jardine