Friday, May 24, 2019

Blackville School Recognition Day 2019

Laura Colford (left) and Denver Donovan (right) were awarded
Athletes of the Year
Teachers, coaches, parents and members of the community gathered in the gym to celebrate the middle and high school students on May 23.

Blackville School's Annual Recognition Day serves to recognize students who go the extra mile in extracurriculars and academics through a presentation of many awards.

Denver Donovan (grade 12) and Laura Colford (grade 12) were awarded the Male and Female Athlete of the Year. Their names are now commemorated on the wall of Eagles in the gym.

Keaton Walls (left) and Maggie Jardine (right) were awarded
Outstanding Academic and Extra Curricular Activities
The middle school Male and Female Athlete of the Year were awarded to Brayden Duffy (grade 8) and Hailey Singer (grade 8).

Maggie Jardine (grade 12) and Keaton Walls (grade 10) were awarded the Outstanding Female and Male Academic and Extra Curricular Activities, respectively.

The middle school Student of the Year was awarded to Abigail McEvoy (grade 8) for her strong extra curricular and academic efforts.

Piper Duffy (grade 12) was awarded the Fenton Sturgeon Memorial Award. This is presented to a grade 12 student who has participated in sports through all four years of high school, with special consideration given to those who have volunteered their time to coach young athletes outside of school.

Devon Underhill (grade 12) was also awarded the Kathy McCormack Award, which recognizes athletes who are outstanding sportsmen and school ambassadors.

Tori Sullivan (grade 12) was awarded the School Spirit Award, which is awarded to a student who shows an outstanding example of school spirit. Mr. Buggie noted that her outstanding performance of "Bohemian Rhapsody" at the Winter Formal was taken into special consideration when deciding to whom to give the award.

Grade 12 students were awarded Athletic Letters for their
dedication to high school sports
Devon Underhill, Ethan Whalen, Denver Donovan, Garett Donohue, Laura Colford, Shelby Furlong and Tori Sullivan were awarded an athletic letter, an award given to students who have accumulated a total of twelve points during their time in high school. 

One point is awarded for every varsity sport the student has been a part of, with extra points being awarded for being a captain, or winning a regional or provincial title. 

Jennifer and Danny Underhill were awarded 'Family of the Year,' an award given to families that the school recognizes as going above and beyond to help volunteer for school activities.

K.C Hallihan and Christopher Underhill oversaw the presentation of the awards as the Master of Ceremonies.

During a brief intermission from the awards, guest speaker Scott Driscoll spoke to the students about his journey to become an official for the NHL. Driscoll touched on the importance of community and becoming involved with sports.

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Photos by Paige Gorman, Robyn Stewart and Isabella Hallihan
Article by Maggie Jardine