Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Healthy Eating on a Budget for Grade 12 Students

Grade 12 student Shelby Furlong learns how to make a healthy
meal on a budget using a Crockpot
Grade 12 students were given the chance to learn how to make a full meal only using a Crockpot on May 17.

Students were excited to be able to cook meals such as beef and barley soup, ribs, sweet and sour chicken, rice and even a pot roast. Two students were even able to cook an apple crumble in the crock pot for dessert.

This will be incredibly useful for the graduates as they move away from home next year and learn how to live on their own.

In their busy schedules, it will be hard to find the time or money to cook supper on the stove every night. Instead, a crockpot will be a useful tool to cook budget friendly meals for them.

Ten out of the nineteen students taking part in the workshop got to walk away with a new crockpot of their own, each chosen by a random draw.

This initiative was lead by the Healthy Learners at Public Health and funded by the Wellness Branch at Social Development.

The grade 12 students said they enjoyed the culinary workshop and found it helpful.

"I thought it was very interesting. I really loved getting to cook with the crockpot," Laura Colford said.

"We never got to do anything like this before so it was something new. Now we know how to cook later on," said Kendra McEvoy.

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