Thursday, June 6, 2019

Students Recognized for Participation in Exchange

Jurina Stannius and Lena Weiler receive certificates for
participation in exchange
German exchange students Lena Weiler and Jurina Stannius were recognized for their participation in the New Brunswick International Student program.

The grade 11 students have participated in a year long exchange to Blackville School, where they were introduced to the life of a rural Canadian.

They were able to experience all sorts of cultural differences while refining their English language skills.

The girls were excited to talk about their exchange and included the things they loved and some of the challenges they had along the way.

"For me it was really difficult at first because I was from a really big town and I ended up in Blackville, so I had trouble fitting in. In the end this became the best part, because I got to know a whole different life. It helped me improve as a person and meet lots of people. Everyone here has awesome school spirit; we in Germany could learn from it." Lena said.

"I hated the winter here; it was way too long," Jurina mentioned. "But I loved going fishing in the fall and being able to go to school dance,s because we don't have those in Germany."

The staff and students at Blackville School were glad to have these students and wish them a safe trip home.

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Article and photos by Maggie Jardine