Tuesday, October 22, 2019

The Gaia Project Brings Hybrid-Electric Car to Blackville School

Students and staff check out the Hybrid Electric Car.
This past Friday, October 18, Brittany MacNaughton, representing The Gaia Project, visited Blackville School with a hybrid electric car.

The Gaia Project is a non-profit charitable organization with the mission to empower youth to take action on climate change through education.

Gaia Representative Brittany MacNaughton explains how the
vehicles tracks usage to Grade 11 student Brock Coughlan 
Through strategic partnerships, teacher support, enhanced student learning, and taking local action, they incorporate inquiry-based education, curriculum links, and local action in each of their projects.

The students were able to learn about the car and its advantages hands on. During a presentation, the students also explored the energy resources in New Brunswick and the difference between renewable and non-renewable energy.

For more information about The Gaia Project, click here.

Article by Abby Keenan
Photos by Paige Gorman