Friday, November 1, 2019

Students and Staff Celebrate Walk-a-thon Efforts

This year's Walk-a-thon turned out to be one of the most successful. With over $4500 raised, the school will now be able to fund a variety of clubs and sports teams for the entire year. Students were required to raise a total of $15 to participate, however most ended up raising a lot more.

The elementary raised most money raised per person, with an average of $33.75 per student. Homeroom 1L raised the most of all the elementary classes.

The middle school had an average of $19.82 per student with homeroom 8C raising the most money in the middle school classes.

High school raised approximately $15.25 per student and Mrs. J. Underhill's Grade 9 homeroom raised the highest amount of all the high school.

The highest raising classes of each level will receive a pizza party for their accomplishments.

The walk occurred on October 10th and over 200 students participated in it. Photos taken on the walk are posted here.

On Friday of last week, October 25, a presentation was held in the gymnasium praising the students for their fundraising efforts and announcing the total amount raised. Two lucky students got to throw a pie in the faces of the administration. Kindergarten student Kenton Arbeau got to cover Mr. Buggie's face in whipped cream, and lucky Grade 8 student Destiny McCormack took care of Mrs. Moody. Photos from the presentation are posted here.