Friday, November 29, 2019

People's Picks - November 25

This week's winner of People's Picks is Grade 11 student Caleb Gillespie.

Caleb was chosen by both Mr. Norton, his homeroom teacher, and Mr. Hallihan, his Environmental Science teacher.

Mr. Norton said that despite him not teaching Caleb in any classes, he always has a great attitude and he hears from other teachers about how hard of a worker Caleb is.

Mr. Hallihan said that not only does he have all of his projects done early, but that he has finished getting his eco-points already! "He is very kind, and he is always willing to help others after he has finished his work," said Mr. Hallihan.

We interviewed Caleb after announcing his win and asked him how he felt about it: "Wow, that's nice. I wasn't expecting to win. Thanks Mr. Hallihan and Mr. Norton for choosing me, I'll make sure to keep up my good work."